Sirens are still able to Mind Control with head destroyed and no WP

I am having issues after destroying the head and shows they have no will power that occasionally they still can still use mind control or even keep the soldier controlled.

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the next time that happens, please use the in game bug reporter (F12) to report it

I don’t think destryoing the head does anything except disable instill frenzy. I saw a rumor that disabling the head disables mind control but maybe that was a past version or something cuz the tooltip clearly says disable frenzy, not disable mind control.

Can’t explain the 0 willpower thing though.

Disabling their head does break any mind control effects currently active by that siren. Also, their behavior has always been to enter into melee once I disable their head, so I assume that they do lose that ability once you’ve disabled the head. I’ve never had a siren with a disabled head mind control one of my soldiers.

Maybe your soldier was really low on WP, reducing the cost of mind control ? Happened at the same turn ? Cause foes always use “regroup” (or rest) when they panic. Even with no head, your maximum WP is never zero.

Did the soldier also have 0 WP? that its pretty critical info.

If your soldier has zero will, it costs 0 to mind control them. I have done it to plenty of enemies.

Since the update Mind Control is disabled if you take out the head. Previously the tool tip only stated Frenzy but now shows Mind Control as well if you disable the head

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I hope so because I tried it on release version and it did not disable active mind controlled units.

It was presumably a bug going on the patch notes.

I had one of my soldiers mind-controlled.
Shot the head of the Siren (reduicing its max WP to 0) and paralyzed it.
She lost control of my unit the next turn.

I guess your soldier had zero WP, which made it possible for her to mind-control him, but not keep control on the next turn.