Game goes on for 15+ min if all troops are mindcontrolled

Watch this first.

This infuriates me, so much I made an account on this forum just to whine about it. This went on for around 15 minutes before I even started recording. I had to force quit the game after it froze at the end of the video.
Also, please nerf mind control to ONE person per Siren. I had another instance on another mission where I fought 2 sirens and they took 4 of my troops and just killed the other two basically instantly.
I won’t be playing this game until this is fixed.

Trying to enjoy the game but can’t


True, it happened to me and it’s very annoying .
When all the soldiers are mind controlled It should end the mission and count as failed.

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Aren’t sirens losing 2 willpower each round (per controlled subject?), I still haven’t picked up the game after meeting one, but I believe the enemy info said so.
Ie. You are in for 10 boring rounds, then you should regain control?

No, because their rest (or whatever the ability is called) and recover more willpower than willpower lost. It’s clearly an unbalance bug.

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One mindcontrolled victim per siren at a time would be good. When it ends they can do it again. Mindcontrolling someone should be mentally straining, not something one can spam.


They have the ability to regain willpower by using up their whole turn.

I think controller resting should cancel all active MC.

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Yes, or at least a long cooldown.

And yes.

This is what i did as well, getting control on chiron and resting while he wrecks enemy team and getting thrashed in return. Mind control+recover is broken as hell.