Siren bug issue

Siren took control of soldier.
I shot the Siren in the head with a shotgun twice at point blank range to only disable the head.
Soldier is still mind controlled.
This is wrong on so many levels.
I get that this is meant to be a pain enemy to deal with but come on. It instantly mind controlled a character and then I can’t kill it with a shotgun right next to it. Please create some sort of counter. Like being shot in the head dazes it. Distracts it. Something. Also it’s range seems broken. Seems like a lot of skills should have range values

The Siren’s mind control does have a range (at least to take control of someone, they can then walk out of range)

If you’ve removed it’s head, it will have almost definitely lost all it’s WillPower. That means it will relinquish control at the start of it’s turn (where the WP payment for MCing someone is taken)

They’re not that bad, you just have to learn how to deal with them

Isn’t this changed? I think before the control lost was immediate with a soldier with no AP (or perhaps even no ability to use any skill) until your next turn.

Then in last patch they added a will cost at each turn. The soldier is still controlled (instead of zero AP) but at your next turn you have control again, like before.