Mind control enemies into containment and still mind controlled after the witch doctor left the battle

Request game feature

I mind controlled an enemy unit but he will not exit the map for special missions or ambushes. I would have liked to take him into containment for harvesting. Also, the unit was still mind-controlled after the witch doctor (and all my other troops) left. I was thankful he had a bleed b/c I chased around enemies to get him killed but they would not attack him. if he didn’t have the bleed, it would have looped the combat.

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I think paralyze is required for capture, did you ever captured a controlled enemy not paralyzed?

Capture only works by applying enough Paralysis. And it works on ambushes (strangely enough).

Zzz and Pant, I have only capture aliens with paralysis. It would be nice to capture aliens with mind control especially if you walk them off the map. I would also like to steal enemy trooper equipment if I paralyzed them.

In deed it would be nice.
I’m playing with a mod that makes it 100% for the weapons to be lootable during combat. It would be nice if the armor was also lootable.
When you mind-control an enemy, I don’t know if you have access to the inventory to make it drop his weapon, or even put it in your soldier’s inventory. Though you can’t do it with armor.

Somehow, most of the time, weapons disappear and armor vanishes once the enemy it belongs to dies.
So much resources are wasted in this post apocalyptic world where you try to scavenge as much as possible.


When you mind control, you can unload the equipped weapons and inventory but the not the armour.

I don’t think this is intended.

It’s fun to do once but tedious to do more, in my opinion the game should block this possibility.

Well capture works in any single mission type, not sure it worth limit ambushes. Now you can use it to manage armor penetration, you only need do a bit of penetration, so the rifle can be a powerful tool.