Mind Control isolator catch

It is a hard work with virus weapons to make Scylla or any big enemy fall under your mind control.

What I was hoping for, is that I could catch a Scylla not only by making it panic for circa 10 rounds in which EVERY of my soldiers are hitting it with a shocker, but actually do some amazing stuff and catch it via Mind Control.

Which is a cool faction-related idea, but… is not possible. If you just mind control the last enemy and this is going to be Scylla – you win, though you get nothing in return for such an effort.

It would be just amazing if the Disciples of Anu priests would have this mechanic as a natural counter-argument to New Jericho’s overwhelming armor / firepower and Synedrions paralyzing weapons.

Especially, considering that the Disciples are the one’s who need to catch aliens the most (for mutagens).

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In my first playthrough, I made it a point to capture one. I decided it wasn’t worth the effort for additional rounds.