Mind Control at end of scenario should be a capture

title says it all. title says it all


Wouldn’t it make capture too easy? In Phoenix Point units tend to go in and out of Mind Control so quickly…

One would think so. If I recall correctly, enemies under mind-control in X-Com where left behind as well. I don’t recall even being able to mind-control them to the evac point and evac them.

Maybe, but if that overbalances, then perhaps not end the scenario and let me tase them.

I think there should be a pop-up message at the end of your turn asking if you would like to end the mission when all the living enemies are mind-controlled.

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You can easily drop enemy WP to zero and mind control cost zero actions and zero WP.
It would be too broken.

I know they have all the abilities pretty much locked, but it would be interesting if they had an ability for the priest that can add like 20 paralysis to a mind controlled enemy. Or just make it a part of the mind control ability. It would cost like 2-4 will or something. Also I agree with automatic capture, it just makes sense.