Praise for the AI in the game

We have quite a few complains/suggestions filling the forum right now. So I wanted to counter that a little but highlighting times were I was positively impressed by the enemy AI.

. On a steal tech mission, when the enemy feels like it is losing they start destroying the tech so you will not get it, instead of going down fighting. (this one put a smile on my face)
. Using mind controlled soldiers to go heal their units
. Using mind controlled soldiers as meat shields
. Focusing the biggest threat. Not so original but plenty of games do this wrong by just attacking what is in front of them. Here they will ignore an unit you may be “offering” if they perceive a bigger threat.
. Always turn their units so the harder target faces you, or the less useful body part. This one pisses me off because we cannot do it. The enemy does it even after using all actions. They really need to implement facing option for us.
. Sacrificing units to get an advantage.
. Not attacking their mind controlled units. This was my cheese in XCOM. Mind control and then serve them their own units.
.edit The spider drones are really good too! They know when to detonate to avoid friendly fired. I have seen them ignore units that were going to die next turn from bleeds/poison!

I have seen other moments of brilliance that don’t come to mind right now.

What about you? Have you been impressed by a particular AI move?


I’m quite impressed by the mind-fraggers. They don’t have much to do. Move and jump on you, but they do it really well.
I got caught off-guard many times. Even once, the mind-fragger I had seen was so good, that I had set an overwatch where I had seen it, but it had moved in a flanking position and came from the side where I didn’t expect it.
Sirens are good at finding the most annoying hiding place.


Yes, enemy AI is pretty impressive in PP. They guys who did it definitely deserve a thumb up! :+1:
Even the lowly Mindfraggers are sneaky and vicious)) And how the enemy ignores his mind controlled units and doesn’t kill them.

On the other hand I was surprised by Tritons eagerly going into fire and loosing their limbs so easily. But then I thought “poor aquatic bastards had probably never seen fire before” and suddenly it all made sense again :grin:

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Yes the AI is pretty good as Klarum stated with a lot of valid points (using MCed unit to heal itself, not shooting at its own MCed unit, fleeing when weapon are disabled eg armadillo with broken turret)

Yeah I also saw this on the mission where you fight along side your allied faction. Their units just ran across fire areas O.o Also, like the AI they run into areas without cover and end their turn. I guess this is because there is no real “cover” in the game and it is all based on line-of-sight.

I agree. most my tactic in this game is like.
don’t let them move. =)

For most alien tactical AI is good, I just found Scylla being dumb because they dont use their close range attack.
I faced one with mist sprayers and legs that could do some damage (dont remember the exact name) but the alien just keep on spraying mist without truly engaging my squad in melee

Generally I think Scylla are the weakest enemy in the game. They don’t do much except being a giant damage sponge.
I am way more afraid of the artillery guys.
Scyllas will even do a lot of friendly damage with their cannons when they use it :confused: