Killing a mind controlled pandoran issue

So, when you mind control a pandoran, and you are going to lose control, it makes sense to blow it away and kill it a turn or two before.

And all your guys suffer a will penalty as if an ally died.

It’d be awesome not to suffer a will penalty for killing a sea monster that is only my pal because I zapped his brain.

Also, your mind controlled soldier shouldn’t lose will when you kill the thing controlling them as if they’d lost an ally, because the effect goes away.

The game would be slightly better with these changes.


You can choose to free the critter from mind control at any time; it’s a free action available to the Priest doing the MC.

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Still, it’s just a little silly. I mean in xcom I mind control them, send them into the middle of the enemy and use them as a meat shield.

Here I can’t do that.

In fact the enemy won’t even attack them.

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Player usually also don’t attack his units which fall under enemy mind control. :wink:


Hey, not true - you get moral punishment in XCOM as well.

So - true to the original (still silly tough).

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This isn’t XCom baby.

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But behaves like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though I guess the “real” OG from the 90’s did NOT have this problem …

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I mean it’s just kind of silly. I kind control a monster, said monster is bleeding or has acid or whatever, and it dies.

All my guys react like a friend dies and might panic as a result.

Makes no sense whatsoever. Hell, I probably infected the status that killed it.

Your Priest suffers trauma because sudden severance of psychic link by death, and all the team members feel really, really sad for him.

Because they are an empathetic bunch, you know.

And they will talk about it many days to come when drinking tea in the base.

Yep we can come up with any explanation to any stupid design. :wink:

Aaaah that’s why there are so many explanations in thus Forum!

Of course we can! What bothers me is some do and are pretty serious about it. :smiley:

Hey, usually we try to explain seriously, but well, it is not always possible. :wink:

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