Escape menu during enemy turn

A small QoL suggestion, but it would be nice to have access to the escape menu during the enemy turn. Sometimes you just need to quit and go, or you want to restart the mission, but you have to sit out the enemy turn.


which is a problem if all your dudes are mind cotrolled and the pandorans turn is never ending

I haven’t seen that happen. I have mind controlled the last Pandoran, and the mission ended, so not sure what would be going on there.

happend to me yesterday ended up with all my dudes mind controlled, the sirens just kept mind controlling them each turn, after about 5mins i had to control/alt delete to get out of the game.

Even more reason to add the escape menu to enemy turn, then! In original X-Com , if your last guy became mind controlled it was mission over, so something is up here.

I was kept playing as i thought that the mind control would run out but it never did and the sirens kept boosting their will regain so kept mind controlling them on a loop, was a bit frustrating.