Grenade inaccuracy

It’s great that grenade launchers and rockets can now have inaccuracy, but I feel that it should be possible for hand thrown grenades to also have inaccuracy.

Grenade accuracy (and range) would be a good link to the Strength stat, and would help to make that stat more relevant. A short toss would be nearly always on target, but try to throw a grenade over a distance and inaccuracies should increase proportionally once the solider’s strength threshold is passed.

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Range is already linked with strength.

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The point is that the strength stat could be used to determine at what range inaccuracy starts, and how that inaccuracy grows from then on.


Perhaps they want to treat granades as items, rather then ranged weapons?

Have to try it out first. It worked like that in LW and it worked very well, though granades were somewhat less effective due to not hitting multiple limbs.

Depending on damage, required range and financial cost of the granade, it might be alright. As usual, I am more interested in how it plays, then if it adheres to an arbitrary level of realism.


grenades are already useless why do you want to make them even more so? May as well not bother including them even with a 100% hit chance, so making them less useful only takes up valuable space on the soldier! !

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I’d agree with that. I only take them as an emergency backup for those (very rare) occasions when you can’t get a decent sightline on your enemy.
They’ve been nerfed so much already, they’re hardly worth the effort.

Grenades are items. However grenades are items that can be thrown, and it’s throwing that shouldn’t be perfectly accurate.

Unless you think that you should also be able to stot a medikit off the top of a crabman’s head with 100% accuracy. :wink:

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You don’t need an exact sight-line with grenades, you just need to be able to throw them somewhere where your target(s) stands within the grenade’s explosive range.

The fact that they can hit multiple targets, do a number on armour, and are cheap to carry and throw, means you really don’t need that 100% accuracy on top of everything else.

What was the previous nerf? I didn’t see it.

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My point in a nutshell. I take them for that moment on a mission where I can’t get a bead on the facehugger that’s hiding round the corner (or whatever).

In previous builds, grenades were as powerful as GLs (or in the early days as Rockets). Not any more, in my experience. hat’s not a bad thing - I used to throw them around like confetti - but now I reckon I have a better chance of one-shotting a Crabbie with my Auto-Rifle than I do of taking out his GL/MG/Shield with a grenade.

GLs are balanced about right in my opinion. Hand Grenades seem weaker.

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Odin grenade changes since start:

  • damage: 60 -> 50
  • blast radius: 3 -> 2.5
  • shred: 25% chance of 10 -> 100% chance of 3
  • cost in materials: 12 -> 20

Goliath (previously Firecat) grenade launcher changes:

  • damage: 60 -> 80 -> 50
  • blast radius: 5 -> 3.5
  • shred: 25% chance of 10 -> 100% chance of 3
  • AP cost: 2 -> 3
  • weigth: 3 -> 5
  • cost in tech: 2 -> 4
  • cost in materials: 25 -> 80 -> 160

Fury-2 missile launcher changes:

  • damage: 60 -> 70 -> 120 -> 100
  • blast radius: 5 -> 3.5
  • shred: 25% chance of 10 -> 100% chance of 3
  • range: 20 -> 40
  • AP cost: 4/3 -> 2
  • weigth: 1 -> 3 -> 2
  • cost in tech: 6 -> 2
  • cost in materials: 60 -> 120 -> 60
  • usable by: all -> heavy -> anyone with heavy armor
  • jet jump: was -> is gone

Hard to say what will change in full version in above weapons, but I would say that both grenades and grenade launcher were nerfed. :slight_smile: And now grenade launcher and missile launcher will become innacurate.

In my opinion Odin grenades should cost like 1 tech and 5 mats to be useful for a player when comparing to Goliath and Fury and then they should be inaccurate. :slight_smile:

Wow that seems really expensive for single charge.

And that weight combined with a requirement to be using heavy armour doesn’t make any sense at all.

Based on stats it seems like over the missile launcher is the most effective weapon by a long shot, although none of that takes into account the LoS requirements. Not sure how/if that needs balancing in of itself, but its maybe the wrong way round for a missile launch to cost 2 AP and a grenade launch to cost 3 AP.

The one big advantage that a hand held grenade carries over the other two options of course is that it’s a secondary weapon that can be carried around in your backpack for those ‘just in case’ type moments. It can also be used 1 handed.

I’d still like to see grenade accuracy behave in a more nature way, rather than this 100% on target setup which we have right now, which I find really cheesy. Maybe that should come with a blast radius parity to launched grenades, better yet would be some alternative grenade types to be able to chuck such as incendiaries and flash bangs.

It is for weapon. Grenade launcher magazine (it holds 12 grenades inside) cost changes were like this: 10 -> 30 -> 32. :slight_smile: So for a single charge it is like 2.6 mats right now and even without tech. Really cheap.

Single missle for missile launcher cost (tech/mats) was changing like that: 1/20 -> 2/15 -> 0/12

I think that grenade launcher should carry max 6 grenades in magazine and it should be little more expensive like 1 tech+36 mats.

It is more advanced weapon than grenade launcher and should be more expensive. That is why yes it should be more effective than grenade launcher. But what is limiting factor here is ammo. Max 2 in weapon and 1 ammo takes 1 space in inventory. With Goliath you can take much more ammo and wreck havoc on the battlefield, where Fury is just for powerful blast in few places.

And all classes are proficient with them. Lack of proficiency will probably impact greatly Goliath’s and Fury’s inaccuracy which was announced to be implemented.