Grenade Trajectories

I find the grenade trajectory system to be far too limiting, especially when dealing with enemies within buildings where one would most expect to be using grenades. The problem, as I see it, is the enforced upward parabolic trajectory of any thrown or indirectly launched object. It appears that flatter trajectories (or bounces) are simply not possible — every parabolic trajectory forces the grenade upward so that the ceiling prevents the use of grenades beyond more than a few tiles.

The initial trajectory of things like grenades should be able to range from flat to vertical, as required by conditions. This could be easily controlled by setting a maximum range for a flat trajectory so that grenade launchers don’t become missile launchers.


Good point +1

Unity does arc trajectories fairly well. If the projectile from a launched grenade has a set amount of energy and time to live, we could have a more realistic system that allowed players to see the initial “will likely explode on impact” trajectory, but allow the player to adjust the trajectory, which would introduce the potential for bounces or it exploding too early.
For players, it could be the same control scheme that is used to adjust the width of Overwatch fire cone, only this time it’d adjust the amplitude of the trajectory. To better assist players, it could provide a green line if it the grenade is likely to explode on impact, blue if it’ll roll and explode after impact, or red where it’ll likely explode before reaching the ground.


100% agree. It’s especially infuriating when you cannot even launch a grenade inside a building from the outside.

Very good idea. I would like to add that it would be really helpful to have a visual pointer as to where the trajectory is blocked by an obstacle. I am referring to the greyed out circle that appears when there is a tree in the way for example.

Sometimes it’s not obvious what is in the way and a visual aid to point this out will help make correct decisions on where to move to first.

Ps. Sorry for the bad english, I am not a native speaker.

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The comedy possibilities for a grenade ricocheting around an adjacent room five times, off of an Arthron’s shield, off of a Triton’s arse, only to come back through the door and arrive back at the firer’s feet killing the whole squad are endless, and I for one wholeheartedly endorse this suggestion.