Mac OSX Launcher Missing?

As near as I can tell, I do not have the launcher (at least not one that looks like the pictures I see…). What I currently see is a “Phoenix Point Configuration” window before the game launches that allows for “potato” or “fantastic” graphics, screen resolution, or “windowed” options. However, it does not show an “update game at Launcher startup” option.
From what I understand, the launcher is supposed to keep the game updated as new content is released, but version I have is still BackerBuild-3 that downloaded from Xsolla back in November.
My questions:

  1. Is what I have the launcher or is it missing?
  2. How do I get/access the launcher so I can keep up on the current content?


The launcher for mac wasn’t ready when BB3 was released so it was held back. BB4 should have it though :crossed_fingers:

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Currently the launcher is only for the Windows version, as the Mac launcher was still in beta. Backer Build 3 is the latest build. The download link provided by Xsolla will always take you to the latest build on the system. We hope to have a launcher for Mac OS ready for a future build.

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Thanks for the responses, Kings_Rook and UnstableVoltage! I’ll look for the launcher in another build and won’t wonder about the game needing to be updated.

I’m not sure if you really want that launcher. :wink:

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