Back Build 5 Update

The Backer Build 5 update is now live for Windows.

Mac OS build will be live within the hour.

Your version of BB4 on the Epic Games Store should automatically update.

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It should update automatically, but its not, and and manual update won’t start as well.
I trying to reinstall it now. What is the size of that build?

Approximately 11.1GB on PC

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I just installed for the first time on the Epic Games Platform with the key provided in March, and the Phoenix Point version number says 0.4.48218.
I’m thinking that it’d have a 5.something version number. Is 0.4.48218 the right version number for Backer build 5?

I’m pretty sure it “should” show 5.something.

But i can confirm you that i have 0.4.48218 showing in epic version number too, while the game is effectively up to date and on BB5 ^^

Good information to know, but when I launch the game, when it’s in the main menu, in the lower right hand corner it still says “REVISION 48218”.
Is there any other place besides there that it would show?

they forgot to update the build number. That’s all

We have a patch to resolve as many of the major bugs as we can that we’re currently working on. This will get some extensive testing as we don’t want to introduce more bugs, and want to fix as many as we can. We’re not going to rush with it, but we’re expecting to have it before the weekend.

I backed the game on Fig on May 2, 2017 (backer #6,906) at the $25 level, but haven’t been able to figure out how to gain access to Backer Build 5. I remember receiving an e-mail months ago regarding Epic Store exclusivity, but don’t remember seeing any mention of activating or transferring my backing to that store. Now, I can’t find the e-mail.

Are there instructions listed anywhere for those, like me, who backed it on Fig, yet don’t have it in their Epic Store library?


That sounds like the Digital Download Edition which does not include early access.

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It is. But your July 29 forum post stated “backers and early-access buyers,” so I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed a correspondence.

Thanks for the reply.

The update on July 29th (not written by myself, I just posted it) was poorly worded and has caused some confusion. It was referring to backers and early access buyers who have a tier which includes early access.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Hi, downloaded the latest backer build this morning and was psyched to try it out when I coame home. However, when I start it the unity logo appears and the nothing happens unless I click somewhere on the screen when the program stops responding. only way to shut it off is to terminate the process.

Please trying leaving it for a few minutes as we have had reports of very long initially start up times. In nearly all cases, it will eventually start if left for a few minutes.

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roger, I need to do my laundry anyhow so, I’ll return with a report after that, thank you for the swift reply :slight_smile:

Edit: Patience is a virtue, And I shall strive to be virtuous

Now you have no excuses not doing laundry :'D

I have trouble starting the game as well. Only managed to start the game 2 times so far with long loading times. Would be nice to know to see a ‘loading’ screen at that moment.

Sometimes it takes a really long time for me, but I just start the game and go grab a coffee or something.

Try to just leave it for 2-4 minutes

For me it’s more like 5-10 minutes :wink: