Enemy Friendly fire

On the random map I tried to get 2 of the crabmen that spawn with the queen to shoot her. She was between me and them, each time I shoot her, they both counter fire threw her. I did not see her get damage from those attack, but my guys (especially the sniper) got hit by that counter fire from across the map.

So I wonder, did anyone succeed in getting the enemy to shoot another enemy?

So far I’ve only seen an AI accidentally kill itself by standing too close to its grenade (it fired it directly against the cover it was standing behind).

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I have seen the enemy queen get damaged multiple times when the two craven in the back have shot or have returned fire it is definitely possible.

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I have definitely seen enemy crabmen accidentally shoot their Queen. On none of those occasions did she actually take damage, but in fairness, I think that’s a reflection of the weapons they were using and her heavy armor. They couldn’t seem to harm my Heavy infantry I was using to draw their fire for “testing purposes”. (Had nothing to do with the fact that I was out of machine gun ammo, truly!)

I confirm, crabmen shoot the Queen, but no damage done

I guess is related to the high value of Queen’s armor, even your 2 guys with rifle can’t hurt her when she is in full armor health.


That make sense, one of my last game, after grenading and rocketing her, one of the crabmen did a single wound on the queen, I did notice that some crabmen refuse to attack when too close to her, mostly the shield with grenade launcher.

I had a crabman shoot the queen once. It was an already crippled limb and I think it had 2 armour left. The crabman did 2 damage to it and I think they might have stripped another bit of armour.

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I thought I saw the queen suffer friendly fire once, but apparently the consistency isn’t there yet.

They may shred her armour and do damage, if they hit a spot with low armour.

Had a crabman shooting the queen a couple of times. No damage was done due to queen’s armour values as far as I understand.