Love the game ; Some feedback

Just finished the game on easy and normal. Love the game. They are obviously some bugs, well maybe a lot. But still a great game that deserve to be upgraded.
I know this is not XCOM, but this is a similar style. And comparing it to a game more succesfull is just the logical thing to do. It always a good idea to take the good things from something ‘‘better’’ and improve it.

First, let’s start with the GOODS ;

  1. Aim ; being able to disable some part of your foes and disabling an ability is a very good strategic option.
  2. Hiting : XCOM, 95% Hit chance, MISS. Shoot again, 95% hit chance, MISS. Pretty sure you get the point.
  3. Monster : some people complaining about the Chiron or Siren. To be honest I like them. The monsters are original. Love the style.
  4. Learning curve : At first you will get your ass kicked. But it is up to you to find a way to win this game. You will fail and you are suposed to fail BUT (go see the BADS)


  1. It have alot of bugs and glitchs. There is just way too much to even give an example.
  2. Voice acting ?? ; well the voice acting is fine. But we can feel a cheap recording behind. Like it fell like the guys was talking in a can and we can hear like an echo behind.
  3. The difficulty : I was talking about the learning curve. You do need to put a lot of effort the first time you play, which I like. But even in easy mode this game is hard. Easy mode suppose to be, well…, easy.
    BUT once you know the game, this is easy. Did the game at Normal and it was challenging for me. Can’t wait to do it at Hard.
  4. Spawning : 4 chiron (2 bomb, 2 worms), 4 siren, tons of grenade launcher. Sometimes this is just too much. Later it become easy, because your team is OP as hell at level 7 and once you get your sniper piercing rifle, you just don’t care anymore, which bring to number 5)
  5. One tactic : Just play sniper with Rage Burst, add 1 or 2 technicians in the team with turrets. You just own anything. Other class are just useless. I did play other class just for the fun of it. But you have ultimatly one tactic, sniper team, technician, steal aircraft (which is way too easy), don’t lose your team with these scavenging mission, just explore and get the easy loot.

This game can be challenging and I understand why some people can ‘‘rage quit’’. First try I got wiped at my fourth missions and second times at half the game. You are suposed to lose Haven. This is not a big deal. You are suposed to lose some units.


  1. Make easy mode a little bit more easy.
  2. Able upgrades for aircrafts. Like a thruster to be able to be more quick to intercept more attack.
  3. More choices for armors and weapons. Pretty sure they probably working on DLC for that.
  4. Able Return Fire to activate only ONCE, like overwatch.
  5. Add some way to upgrade your haven defence. Like turrets or automated robot. Like this you can go on missions and leave your base with no human guards. Of course this will come with a cost.
  6. Ambush ; after 3 turns, just end the missions. it is so fucking annoying. Or 4 turns then end the missions. I see Ambush missions more as a way to slow you down (injuring your units so you need to go heal and recover stamina.)