Chitin Armor Set DLC for Backers?

I’m just wondering if the DLC is not ready yet or am I missing it?

There is option to enable it when you select difficulty.

Hm, no, only 3 DLCs that are not relaesed yet. Got a screenshot for me?

Do you had to download anything else?

DLC is available, but only when you launch a new game with launcher :

Well I see I can download the “Phoenix Point Content” now, didn’t work for any reason yesterday.

Might be able to help you here - if you’re using Epic see if there is a Phoenix Point content option and download that as well, if your pre order was before Epic you definitely should have it.

When i start PP via Epic launcher DLC is present, but when i launch PP via windows explorer DLC is not present, strange

Yep, really bad! They said you don’t need the Epic stuff… :frowning: I will try to find a way.

Sorry, can someone take a look again, I think i miss the Armor Set!

If I watch the items included in the “Phoenix Point Contents” only these are listed, no Armor Set. :frowning:

And the Game itself:

It’s included as part of the game itself - it doesn’t appear as a separate item. But I did discover yesterday that it checks your Epic account for eligibility - so if you’re not running through the launcher, the DLC doesn’t show when you start a new game.

Will it be fixed or not?

What will happen if I start a game with Epic and DLC and than copy it?

It’s isn’t considered a bug, so unlikely. Because of the way DLC is integrated, there’s no way for the game to know that you have the DLC entitlement without it checking with the server.

That said - if you start a new game from the Epic launcher, enable the DLC and save the game - you will continue to have the DLC enabled on that save even if you launch directly

Well, at least, maybe I will try out or just play the game I’ve just started.

Hmmm except saved game is not in the same directory when you start with Epic launcher or without…

  1. If you launch via Epic your saves are under

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS\< random numbers>

  1. If you launch the game DRM free via the exe directly its in

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS\LocalData

You can simply move save games between these directories as they’re not encrypted