Problem witth Phoenix Point Alien Living Gun

Hi, I purchased the DELUXE edition of Phoenix Point but for some reason in my library, the ‘Phoenix Point Allen Living Gun’ is marked as ‘unavailable’. Can you kindly help resolve this issue?

I cleared the webcache folder twice and reinstalled the game but the problem persists. Epic Games staff referred me here.

Can anybody assist?

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What does Alien Living Gun even do? I have that checked and I didn’t see anything special.

I have no idea but I paid for it and I want to use it.

I paid for it, I got it and it does nothing.

WOW, I just googled and DEFINITELY not seen these in game :

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FAQ update : The chitin armor and alien living guns will be made available as part of a DLC which will ship 3 months after game launch. Fig backers can get exclusive early access to these items at game launch for a discounted price. They are available with the Luxury Digital Edition and above.

This is very simply FRAUD.

So deluxe edition players like us wait 3 months? Hell, I would be done with this game by then! LOL! In fact, I would have been done with 3 other games by then! LOL!

But strangely, why can’t I find any videos or posts online about this living guns thing? Does it even exist? By now we should have videos about it from players if it does.

But if that’s the case, why do I see it checked when I start a new game? What’s “fig backers” anyways?

The description in the FAQ is outdated. Anyone who purchased a pack which includes this DLC gets it on day one. The was originally just going to be a Fig thing, but then we extended it to pre-orders.

The 3 month availability is the DLC being available to purchase separately - so if you bought a pack that didn’t include the DLC, it will be available to buy on it’s own approx 3 months after the launch of the game.

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We’ve discovered that the checkbox to enable the DLC when starting a new game is currently inverted (ie, if the box is checked, the DLC will be disabled. If unchecked, the DLC is enabled). This should get corrected in the patch coming tomorrow.

WTF??? So by checking the box, we DISABLE the DLC? Thats the most counterintuitive thing I have ever seen in a video game! LOL!

So, I have to start a new game in order to play the DLC now? Now that I have so painstakingly gone so far in this current playthrough??

That’s why it’s called a bug

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And no you don’t have to restart a new game, as UV said:

“This should get corrected in the patch coming tomorrow.”

I downloaded the extra content on day one and found the checkbox to enable the DLC before my first campaign.
Not quite the usual type of FRAUD…

This is dircted to the devs. How hard could it be to iron out all the kinks before actually presenting the game for sale? You saw what happened with the game Days Gone. It’s actually brilliant but it was universally panned because of the plethora of bugs at launch. Please, please, just say what you mean and put in the effort to release a product that doesn’t frustrate the nads off its users. We are paying a lot of money for your products. The least you could do is give us a product that works well and doesn’t have us scratching our heads in consternation. We do not mind waiting a few extra weeks or months IF THIS MEANS THE PRODUCT WILL BE BETTER. Thank you for your time.

Be careful when “attacking” the devs. My post was recently deleted because of that.

So the devs are gods beyond criticism ‘that doth bestride the world’? Don’t tell me, they’re never trumpers too and they got their panties in a bunch that Project Veritas is exposing so much leftist bias in big tech. Yeah, mate, they ever try that shit with me, I’ll just boycott their games. There’s something called the first amendment, and if they don’t give a rat’s @ss about that, I’ll just dust off my monopoly board and start spending my evenings with my gay half-brother. I won’t be blackmailed by a bunch of glorified programmers.

in my opinion you can do what you want. I just wanted to point out, that they dont hesitate to delete posts if you point out that they didnt know how to do their job and screwed up big time, which they did with that “full release” version of the game which is basically no more than a beta you have to pay for.

Bloody wastrels, for want of a better word. That’s why I never ever buy game ‘in dev’. Because if fully fledged ‘alpha’ releases are as f@cked up as this, what must games ‘in development’ look and feel like? Ever played P.A.M.E.L.A.? It’s a complete and utter screw up. The spaceship the character wakes up in has holes big enough for Death Stars to pass through. I fell THROUGH the spaceship 3 times on the first playthrough. Utter garbage.