Let's talk about that BB3 preview!

I like the typo there :wink: “You may intervene to eliminate the THREAD”. :wink: So I see that vehicles arrive at all different bases there. :slight_smile: Anu, NJ, PP only Syn is missing. And I wonder what is this Metropolis. Main base of NJ? Or maybe some big IH?

And what about those Zer, I mean, those Chirons shown on the latest tweet, hmm? Pretty cool stuff, but still maybr not for this BB3.

Unfortunately it is hard to say what will find its way to BB3. At least we know what they test and may include in next builds, with some hope that BB 3 will have part of those functionalities. :wink: In case of Chiron maybe we will see at least one variant of it. :wink: I’m still missing PP as playable faction. But I will still play BB3 for many hours probably. Unless there will be something game-breaking. :slight_smile: It is exciting that there will be:

  • some part of geoscape with at least 2 mission types (right now we only have “kill them all” on something like base defence or scavenge mission),
  • team selection (or not really? and there will still be 4 of them - Richter, Thomson, Petyaeva and Stoller),
  • equipping of selected team
  • maybe some new equipment/weapon/armour?
  • new skills?
  • probably some new map environments for NJ with new building and some props (right now we can only play on 1 fixed and 4 variants of random map based on industrial zone of NJ base)
  • different map type - alien base
  • maybe new queen abilities (we will see if climbing and jumping will be included)
  • some variant of chiron, and those small facehuggers?
  • changed some elements of UI

So we will be able to see something new and test it. :wink:

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I think BB3 will be more like what we would like to see in full version of the game, mechanically at least. Would it have some soul of the final game, though? I believe:-)

I am sceptic about it, I think it’s more plausible to see something like that in a BB in 2019.

Definitely not. :wink: Too early for that. Many mechanics probably are still in testing phase and will not be implemented in BB3. I suppose that even spotting system may be in the most simple version. But at least we will see integration of strategic layer with tactical layer. :wink: i would even bet for something like BB 2 with few tactical additions + small part of geoscape.

I think not. For all the teasers the developers are giving us, I bet there’s a small part of the game that won’t be revealed until the official launch. And I’m betting on those mega battles against the behemoths, those will have something… different. What will that be? No idea :slight_smile:

nope. A lot of stuff will be missing. The story, and base management come immediately to mind

I wonder if there will be save option

Good question, and one I can probably find an answer to. I know when I was in Sofia, one of the programmers was working on the save code.


So let the hype grow…

Some interesting things happen there.
0:15 Heavy is shooting with machine gun but it sound somewhat different - is that testing of heavy cannon with machine gun model?
0:16 there are building with floors on previously known maps
0:25 Assault rifle has flashlight (but maybe it is just for cinematic purposes just as full auto shots there)
0:42 We see geoscape and options there:

  • aircraft vehicle for six soldiers (Manticore) stationary in Sofia base and next going from NJ base to unknown site turning to be scavenging site (box icon and status of aircraft),
  • that Sofia moved somewhere east of Ural mountains ;),
  • we can edit roaster, soldier, have option to build some refueling stations, and…
  • start test battle which is some kind of simulation not connected to missions? Or those are available missions but we run timelapse further?
  • we see how vehicle’s range is decreasing while moving and using fuel
  • that mission in NJ base gave us 5 food rations, and 2 resources
  • then PP have discovered El Dorado, and have better standing with NJ faction :wink:

0:48 that the queen will get really nasty with shooting at rage while concealed, and trapping your soldiers… JESUS (hope this is not for BB3) :smiley:
1:02 sentinels will be spread widely and densly in their bases

btw in this trailer we also see date in March 2047

So the game will start in this year. But I thought that this trailer was about Big Egg incident, so it should be some time in the past compared to gameplay. But maybe this is not Big Egg then?

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If I didn’t know the game, the first ten seconds, with the mutants going semi-hidden in the shadows, would have sold it to me right away.

But some more points:

0:25 - I’d say it’s for cinematic purposes, but if there are night missions, it stands to reason to bring your own flashlights;
0:28 - the Queen’s scream is not… great. It sounds like me when I’m playing monsters with kids, only thing missing is a cliché like “Hraaawww!!.. Must. Destroy. Mankind.”
0:42 Start test battle may be just for development purposes? Ot could it be to train soldies back at the base, giving them a simulated way to test new abilities, but where no new experience or loot is gained. I would like that, really.
0:53 - a concealed long ranger Queen?? PP’s pant sellers are indeed the richest of them all :smiley:
1:01 - that thing behind the Sentinel reminds me of Starship Troopers brain bug. But it can be just a alien structure.

No other factions by now, but that’s OK. I’d say New Jericho is the most approachable of all factions, due to being basically the XCom operatives.

Now, I do worry about the release date. There seems to be yet so many things to add, and I can’t see releasing the full game in just little more than half a year. In PP’s Discord, both UnstableVoltage and Dante said something like the worst and most time consuming part was developing the game’s inner structure, the behind the scenes programming, and so on. So maybe I’m just not seeing everything clearly, and that 2019 date will stand.

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Let hope that they won’t push date too far, and eventually leave some content for free DLC after the full release. :wink:

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They won’t as they’ve already said they are limited in money (and so just can’t continue the work for too long).

As for trailer - I like it for the most part, but it seems some animations look much better than others. Geoscape objects, I hope, are also in prototype form. Same for sounds. So yes, with so many different tiny details I’m a bit unsure too they will make everything perfect by summer 2019. Still, I believe the game will be very solid by then.

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BTW. If we will be able to edit soldiers, what would you change in current load outs? Lets assume that we still have equipment from BB2 and nothing new. I think that I would keep all items plus give them few items more:

  • Heavy: machine gun, missile launcher, medkit, machine gun ammo + hand gun, pistol ammo, grenade, missile launcher rocket (because he need something to finish off enemy, and have less blast radius than rocket)
  • Sniper: sniper rifle, hand gun, medkit, sniper rifle ammo + sniper rifle ammo, pistol ammo x 2, grenade (because sometimes this explosive can save your life, and spare pistol ammo will keep him safe in close distance fight, additional sniper ammo will keep him away from scavenging for bullets)
  • Assault: assault rifle, grenade, medkit, assault rifle ammo + assault rifle ammo, hand gun, pistol ammo, grenade, medkit charge (additional ammo to return fire and overwatch, plus pistol to finish off almost dead enemies without resorting to full burst, and additional grenade and medkit will keep him alive on enemy flank)
  • Technician: pdw, mech arms, grenade, turret, pdw ammo + pdw ammo, turret (little more ammo for pdf and additional turret to spam with return fire :wink: also grenade can come in handy vs armored enemies)
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changing the starting equipment a character has before a mission is in BB3 as far as I know

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Yes it should be, but we don’t know if we will have any new items to equip. Probably there will be something, but what? Armour parts along with strength and weight system? Maybe shotgun and some melee weapon? Hard to say.

Btw did you saw new crabmen mutations? It looks like there will be quite lot of them. There is some new material with head and left arm on tweeter. Probably spitter as seen before and something like venomous arm. Maybe some kind of medkit or mist emiting device.

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well, last I saw, we’d be able to choose starting weapons and armour, so if you want your sniper to wear the heavy’s armour, you should be able to do that

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Where did you saw that? :slightly_smiling_face: Do you observe Discord?

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Yes, I am on the Discord, and yeah it was there.