Let's talk about that BB3 preview!

I guess by now everyone must have seen the BB3 preview. So, what to expect?

  • Geoscape will give us at least two options: defend a Haven, similar to the BB2 random maps, without the queen, or destroy the Queen’s lair;
  • The Queen’s lair will be the star of the show, judging the previews, will have Sentinels guarding the lair, and mist generators;
  • We’ll still maintain control of New Jericho, so no Phoenix Point group, but melee attacks will be available (“respect mah authoritah!!”, my soldiers will shout, as they bring down those pesky crab people, for they taste like crab but don’t talk like people);
  • Will we see our own base? I guess not, seems way advanced at this point.

Why do you think that we will play as NJ?

Now, hmmm… You know, I don’t know! I think I read somewhere that we wouldn’t play as PP, so it seemed reasonable to continue as NJ. But if there’s other options, much better

The Haven Defense mission has the NJ logo on it, so it might be that we either have to rescue a NJ haven or we are playing NJ.

I think that we will rescue NJ. They will have some soldiers there which will help us. But I think that we will be playing PP. Creating mission for NJ would be pointless since we won’t play as them in final game.

You will not be playing as the Phoenix Project in BB3. Sorry.

It’s also worth noting that stuff we’ve been showing on social media is in our development build but that doesn’t mean it will be in BB3.



Sad face… :frowning: So to the next build then.

I think that base defense will be also with a queen, but probably she will run to it’s lair. And we will need to hunt it. :wink:

That’s OK :slight_smile: It’s still fun to talk about. And I suspected as much that PP wouldn’t be making an appearance right now.

I think it would be fun for BB3 to start with a base defense, and after defeating them we would give chase to the Queen.

However! The aliens would take advantage of troops being away to strike the Haven again. And that would give us the two options shown on the preview. Either take down the Queen, as she’s weak from the battle, or return to Haven and risk the Queen returning stronger.

Didn’t someone say that Phoenix Project was going to be kept out of backer builds so as not to spoil too much? Am I just imagining that? UV, I need you to help my unreliable memory again!

There was something like that. But I expected that lore and objectives, and maybe base management, will be kept away from BB - not the soldiers or weapons.

The Phoenix Project soldiers will make their way in. The only thing we mentioned holding back were story elements/parts of the campaign. We don’t want people playing through the entire story and potentially spoiling anything for themselves or everyone else before the game even launches.

By the way those animation glitches are hilarious and it’s good to see the devs have a sense of humor - sharing with us some results that turned out not so perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification, folks. I really don’t trust my own brain much anymore (sometimes with good reason!) :stuck_out_tongue:

That reminds me of the old He-man figure!

There more we find and fix now, the fewer there are to spoil your experience with the Backer Builds - but we’re confident you guys will still find new and interesting ways to break it! :smiley:

Well, it does make sense given that NJ assets are being worked on first, and the dev team has lots of them at the moment.

As for what I think of BB3…hard to say, given that we don’t have it yet. :v

I guess the battles with behemoths will be kept under wraps until the final release, they seem to be a huge plus.

And another plus, no air combat! For me it was always the weak point in both OGXCom and FXcom

Wow, thank you for saying that! Hopefully we will avoid that Chiron horde, for now…