Backer Build 4 patch notes 0.4.38601


Build deployed April 5th 2019

Game breaking

  • Fixed a hang when the Scarab’s hulk was destroyed
  • Fixed a hang in the Phoenix bases when moving to a specific part of the map
  • Fixed a hang when the player’s units got gooed by the Chiron
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t exit a battle when a gamepad was connected
  • Fixed a hang when the player exchanged items between units
  • Fixed a hang that occurred when a Crabman attacked the same unit multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t launch a mission if a Queen was present
  • Fixed various other performance issues


  • When maxing out any stat the text in the Progression screen will change to “MAX” of 18/18
  • Fixed an issue where Gym Rat made you exceed your strength stat limit
  • Fixed an issue where the resource cost wouldn’t display in the actions bar description box
  • Fixed typos in Geoscape encounter text
  • Added missing text in some Geoscape encounters
  • Fixed an issue where units’ health wouldn’t update when a save was loaded
  • Fixed an issue where reducing a stat in the Progression screen returned all the Skill Points to the Soldier SP pool
  • Fixed an issue where the XP column in the Summary screen would be placed after the soldiers’ names
  • Restored the soldier renaming feature

Other fixes

  • Fixed exception when returning from haven defense and getting a recruit at the same haven;
  • Fixed texts in Battle Summary screen;
  • Fixed dual spec options were not correctly selected;
  • Fixed cannot start missions with Queen when a save is loaded;
  • Added soldier renaming from equipment/training screen (click on the name)
  • Fixed an issue where a character would trigger male and female voice lines upon death
  • Fixed several delays when shooting at the Mist Sentinel
  • Fixed an issue where the Technician couldn’t move after deploying a Turret
  • Fixed an issue where recruiting a soldier wouldn’t be added to the player’s roster
  • Fixed an issue where recruited soldiers couldn’t use Skill Points
  • Fixed an issue where the Siren’s scream didn’t lower Will Points
  • Fixed an issue with the Technician’s Mech Arms and Civilians’ footstep sounds
  • Fixed an issue where Technician would get most of the XP for removing a Mindfragger
  • Fixed an issue where the comparison arrows were missing when comparing items

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Lol. I didn’t even encounter these enemies. :smiley: Not to mention about catching so many bugs out there. :slight_smile:



They swapped the cost of exertion to 5 instead of 3. That’s increased my use of the room clearance skill.