[Backer Build 3 or 4?] My two cents/short impression of the current BB and few questions

So I didnt buy PP coz I wanted other games to play and at that time I was hearing that PP is going to Epic store so that sealed my decision not to buy at least not for now so there is my first question, what is the state of PP in that regard? Is it 6 months exclusivity? year exclusivity or PP is not coming to steam?

Anyway my bro bought it and I played it for 3, 4 hours and surprisingly I really liked it, I cant pinpoint exactly what scratches my x-com apocalypse nostalgia itch but hey Snapshot really did it (for me at least) geoscape, resource hoarding/conserving items/ammo, mergeable/mixable skill trees, AI isnt TOO brain dead and can give u a challenge(but if Im nitpicky they should be better/smarter/harder), and I also noticed when aliens attacked 1 haven that percentage who is winning actually matters in combat when u arrive (I found only one crabman when I landed at the scene XD which is crazy awesome detail), environment is made of paper for my agents & aliens which is a bit silly but combat is awesome, not too RNG which I like very much, I mean every aspect of the game mixes together and compliments one another very well. Keep it up Snapshot! :slight_smile:

Now some things that annoy me & few suggestions

  • 1st the most important thing are factions & heavens … I feel they are just there to be attacked by aliens or exploited by me which sucks… Its unimmersive I would like to see that they also wage wars between each other and aliens and also with phoenix project if diplomacy is too red. Also I would like to see some minimal activities (not too OP) from hidden bases coz its stupid to find a base with 3 solders and when I asked them what were they doing in that base to help me, they said nothing dude just chilling and watching the world burn -.- joking a bit but yeah that also is a bit unimmersive its stupid that only my base is doing something, i would like to see reactive factions coz diplomacy is there just for the radar which is poor(er) design than x-com apocalypse and maybe its too much to ask but I know I would pay a top dollar for this in a dlc if its too late to implement… Just saying… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • when I have 2 manticores its annoying to hold shift the whole time, isnt it just easier to select where u want to go and manually press space? Make a check box for automatic resuming the game so I can disable auto resume please. And its annoying to limit selecting only (discovered)havens who are in manticores SMALL range… Whats the point in queuing up?

  • description of some skills are too short like return fire, what weapon can I use for return fire? It doesnt say, only straight shooting weapons so does that mean snipers? Pistols? flamethrower? shotguns? miniguns?. It would be great that they put exactly what weapons coz spent points are permanent… rapid clearance or burst fire likewise are unclear too me.

  • Agents are still voiceless without soul except this sound ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US6YkBQJ8nw ) . there is still no “no ammo”, “low ammo”, “tango down”, “agent down!” “contact!” which makes me very sad :frowning: I dont need Nicolas Cage how’d it get burned acting just 3 generic budget male & female voices for immersion please.

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It should be year for Epic exclusivity from what I have heard.

In final version of game they will wage wars and because of that some of them will be your ally and some will be your enemy. You can’t ally with all of them. And faction’s attitude towards you will affect diplomacy and events available with faction leaders.

Except soldiers, vehicles or equipment you will find some another part of story what is happening around the world, probably some technology in research laboratory. I’m not sure if it is enough but well definitely more than right now.

Why you hold shift? You can pause and unpause time lapse by pressing space.

I’m not sure if I understand you but without shift you can only select discovered havens as flight target. Flying somewhere else is pointless and you can fly only there where fuel allows you. If you want travel on longer routes you need to press shift and right click next destinations.

Yeah. Previously it was more clear. Weapons had specific icons if they could be used for return fire. FYI, you can only use medium or smaller weapons for that. So all who use 50% or less of Action Points for regular fire shot (and only projectile weapons). Rapid Clearance is for automatic medium or smaller weapons. Rage Burst is for machine guns. I hope they will polish those descriptions after balancing the game and when all their properties will be final, because right now creating specific descriptions can be pointless because things still can change.


Thx for answering most of my questions, much appreciated.

Now about time lapse and queuing up, its not a problem to hit the space to resume the problem is and I dont know if this is a bug or not, when I was playing I was not able to just select the desired destination I only could right click to go in range but when I do that time lapse automatically resumes when u right click which is annoying if u have 2 manticores so the only solution was to hold shift than click rmb on desired destination than select 2nd manticore than rmb on destination than release shift than time lapse would resume automatically

u say I can only select discovered havens as flight target but I could not figure out how to only select and not go there right away I tried lmb but it did nothing for me I could only rmb but that is not selecting only thats go there right now action

(sry for my flawless english XD)

Oh. Right we currently can’t select destination by lmb. It was removed for some reason. Now I understand what you want. That auto resume feature could be useful.

Not sure that’s true. My Sniper/Assaults can definitely RF with their Sniper Rifles.

Lol really? I will need to check that. Question is if it is not a bug, or if development assumptions have changed? I remember that UV mentioned all medium and small projectile weapons. Sniper Rifle definitely is not small. :smiley:

You can definitely rapid clearance with the Hel cannon. Which is ridiculously awesome.


So I supposed that skill restictions are based on the class, not on the weapons, so this is why we get so overpowered usabilities. :smiley: I hope they will change it. :slight_smile:

What about grenade launcher or flamethrower XD? Can some of these use those skills?

Also I forgot to mention in rescue missions AI is brain dead, civilians run to aliens more often than not… That also sucks and its immersion breaking. If they cant implement better AI for civilians they should at least add a “shout” skill(which could cost will/action & reveals your agents location if AI isnt cheating already… XD) so that we can aggro civilians to us(NOT in front of a firefight ofc XD) and protect them properly.

I also have a question about combat in geoscape, will there be any dog fighting with manticores? I will miss it if they take that out but I also understand the contradiction coz we actually dont manufacture manticores but I have to ask :slight_smile:

aerial interceptions will not be in the game.

It will improve. Question is “when?” In next build or in the final release?

Enemy doesn’t have any aerial units.

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At the moment the enemy doesn’t have any aerial units. There have been several hints at late game flying units. This applies to the tactical map though. The aliens are unlikely to have aerial units necessitating dogfighting.

The other human factions however will have flying units including transports we can steal. We still won’t see dogfighting though

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My current strategy with regard to civilians is the same for all non-spawner killing missions… shock and awe. My goal is to kill so many enemies on turn one that the surviving ones panic. This robs them of their actions on turn two, and allows me to generally keep them in a panic cycle until they’re all gone. Usually helps to have at least 3 rocket launchers, plus a grenade launcher or two.

Spawner missions become an exercise in “how can I finish this on turn one”. The hardest to finish in a single turn is the one where you cross a bridge to the right. You can get early visibility from the bridge, but there isn’t the one turn potential of the other maps where you can usually sprint an assault around the corner to rapid clearance or jump a heavy/assault up… to rapid clearance.

Thats all good and I also had similar strategy, when I was playing I got lucky and my heavy got heavy expert skill and both assault guys had expert shooting skill(+20 accuracy) which is crazy early game but that strategy wears off a bit when they start to have 17 strength :slight_smile: and its not like I had hard time saving them its just stupid to see how civilians react I mean, my eyes rolled behind my brain so hard one time when I moved my tech guy in position and put him in overwatch and I know that crabman will die next turn and guess what civilian guy did? ofc he literally & elegantly put him self in front of tech guy… XD I wanted to kill him my self XD so yeah they definitely need to improve AI or add a herding skill.

To be fair, rubbish AI for civilians is something of a series tradition.

Plus, panicked civilians IRL do not behave very intelligently. So it’s also quite realistic!


Thats not being fair, thats accepting/acknowledging that “they” are unable to improve that section of the game and fyi Im not trash talking here, I actually love how they took bits from previous xcoms and package them together well. Im just pointing out that they should fix that old joke, its 2019 for furs sake XD…

As for the panic state, in my playthrough I found it more often than not very useful when they are in panic mode coz than they dont run into aliens, just taking few steps in random direction, mostly they just go for the closest cover and end turn which is a bit better. Idk if that was a random thing or that this happens to everyone.

So I got the chance to play a little bit more and I got this… ( https://imgur.com/a/wZbSCvj ) so is my game glitching out on me or is this by design? I want to train him as a heavy but I started to have only one option on every solder so what am I missing here?

that is a bug. you should have a list of the, currently, three other classes

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