Backer Build 4 release date

When do you guys think it will be released?

It is not an official date but after talking to a member of the staff I have been told it will be around March.

So we wait… Good. Let them work. :wink:

Okay wade, that sorta sucks. but at least it’s a helpful answer!

So we wait so we wait.

The release date is June this year. So we’ll say the 30th. That means that as they release a build about every 2 months there’ll be one in May which may be a beta of sorts. Either that or the release date will be put back I would hazard.

So they probably show changes in overwatch system. Looking forward to this. My humble (devs probably will roll eyes) list of what I would love to see in BB4:

  • more info on geoscape - flight ranges from all refueling stations, radar ranges, alien bases ranges (those spotted), attitude visualized
  • some basic interactions with our bases (refueling times, repairing of all stuff)
  • better manufacturing screen with prerequisites and conditions for manufacture
  • possibility to do something with excesive weapons and magazines (sell/trade/dismantle)
  • some basic class progression (even if it means 2 or 3 levels for each class)
  • some basic research (may be not actual tech from final game, just some random stats boost for soldiers)
  • better roster (soldier initiative from other thread) and base inventory (sorting, filtering, combining similar items under one icon) screens
  • sorting out what can be taken with Manticore and Armadillo (cargohold and inventory)
  • savegame during tactical part
  • some different objective than ‘kill all’
  • at least NPC civilians during haven defence missions
  • overwatch in Armadillo and some better control of the turret (where to shoot, which enemies to omit while searching for a target)
  • change in overwatch and return fire mechanics to limit area where it works
  • better mission inventory (more precise stats when hovering over item, better barter between soldiers)
  • better character screen (to be able to easily see condition of soldier, his abilities and equipment condition)
  • one new type of enemy (don’t reveal any more)
  • some additional equipment (currenlty we have only medkit and mech arms)
  • mission summary - how many different enemies we have killed and how many turnes it took, (maybe number of shots made, shots that hit, damage done)

and these are less important but still on my wishlist

  • some new type of weapon (may be flamethrower)
  • Phoenix Project soldiers aren’t much expected by me, but still can be nice
  • interactions with havens, that would be great (at least trade?)

No hope.

We’ll get Anu havens, a bit of base construction, some inventory changes, a better geoscape (more colour, maybe the behemoths), a couple of extra units from the mist and PP soldiers, a few UI changes, more maps, different mechanics (not grenades kill all for PP although probably the crabs will still have grenades kill all), and a change to the return fire mechanic. The one after this, which will have to be close to a beta if we assume it’ll be a 3 month gap between updates and so on should have a lot more in it. We should only see the full product when they release the game eventually, however, so I’d expect a lot to still be ‘missing’ even in the last iteration of the game before its eventual and proper release.

As much as I am looking forward to all the new game play in BB4, I hope they keep the best, to the full release. Need to keep some excitement for the full game.

Still want to discover the best aliens, mutations, maps and story line in game.

Same here. I don’t care much about new aliens or troopers, or factions, but I really want to see how things work together and core concepts such as the mist, base building, research …

As one of early access buyers, I actually prefer that the developer releases backer build more frequent. It doesn’t matter if there is bugs. Players actually can help by reporting it to game developer. And by doing that, it will become more trustworthy. Early access buyers will know how their money helps the game development, and maybe, they are gonna invest more…

More frequent releases of BB would be great, but you know that such release is another process during whole development of the game, and when more often repeated then it leaves less time for other processes. So I would rather prefer them to focus on real development rather than showing that development to us.

Sounds like Star Citizen propaganda. Funding goals have been reached and I’d rather have the studio focusing on producing a game rather than building trust or trying to milk more out of backers.

They have a trello board, blogs and semi regular backer builds. release date is approaching fast and I’d rather have them working double time on the game itself than BBs

Well it’s the tenth of march, so hopefully we see it by the end of this month. ( like they said. )

sure hate waiting man

Be patient soldier, they will come to us… in the mist.

Oh wise one, please be certain of it!

Hoping its soon, next week would be great as I’m on vacation. 10 days of freedom from prison…er work.

Tomorrow would be cool too though, not gonna lie:)

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welcome to the community! :smiley:

I’m not sure but I would guess it will be the last week of March. But recently they have changed graphical layout and posted it will be “soon”, so who knows. :slight_smile: Maybe next week is also valid target.