Back After Several Months, I'm Hyped

Fiddling around with the geomap and exploring places, doing some battles. I am very excited about this game. I’m an intuitive gamer, so this has nothing to do with hard, technical criticism. I’m just here to say the game feels much better. Smoother. More sure of itself. And I cannot wait to see this thing in its full release glory.

Great job so far to everyone involved.

not sure if you have heard yet, but BB4 should be released next month


This is fun to look at as well:

Certainly some things there to tease your hype with.


Do you happen to know if there are plans to include customization for character models? I like to spice up the look of my squads at least a little bit.

Keep in mind, that’s from a year ago, so things may have changed.

You know you will have probably over 100 soldiers? You want to customize them all?

I’m really amused that people ask about that feature. :slightly_smiling_face: It is the least important thing in this game.

But people are crazy, they have free to play games and then they spend tons of money in skins, if you know what I mean. That said, I don´t mind some customization : p

I make all my soldiers look like my real life friends. And then when miss a shot and get everyone killed, I demean them publicly.

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They can keep the soldier customisation… spend more time on the mutations and game play :+1:

First time I have seen that. Loads of info in one place.

The screen shot of the new geoscape!! So much in on picture!

  • Firstly, the entire layout has changed. Looks much cleaner.
  • Behemoth Attack on screen!
  • Deserted hospital scavenging site. Map sounds awesome… but sounds like we might be scavenging more than just weapons.
  • Research in progress and engineering projects have personnel
  • Soldier training and hospital in progress shown.
  • The resources, food etc all values under 15. Might just be at time of screen shot or they have changed the cost/earning/expenditure rates.

If you write about that picture:

then this is a really old concept art unfortunately. But I also like it. :wink:

Yokes beat me to it, but yeah, that’s a mockup from back in the original fig campaign. The geoscape we have today was abstracted out from that. Reasons were mentioned here, iirc, though I also really like that old one as well.

Mkay but here’s a concept: People have different ideas for what’s important in a game.

In any given campaign of XCOM2, I have 30 to 100 soldiers. Yep. I customize them all. I have a ton of fun making my squads look unique and badass.

That said, I can put up with a little less customization in a game like Phoenix Point, if it means better gameplay, deeper campaign/soldier mechanics, mission/map variety, and whatever else they can improve by not using time and resources on customization overhaul.

You won’t find me whining in the forums about minimal customization if the overall game is great. I was just curious about the extent of their plans for it.

Customization to me in squad games like this is important to me. In an RTS, they’re just faceless grunts. In squads, and especially turn based, I get a lot more attached. And it’s a lot more fun to me to make them into folks I know, as best I can. I agree though, it’s definitely a want and not a need. I’m not going to blow up and refund if there’s no customization. But I also probably wouldn’t replay it as often without it, too.

The Geoscape is a really old concept! Dam! It looks really good, got my hopes up! :rofl: Plenty of dev time to go I guess, plenty of time for change. I guess that is the problem with concepts, when you turn them functional, they very rarely look like what you wanted at the start.

Exactly right! Customisation does nothing for me, but for others it is important. Sounds like they are including it in a big way, same as in FXcom2. The one thing that I like the sounds of…

So, if we change the armour layout on the soldier, it will have real defence repercussions? In FXcom you change around the armour and it was all just looks. If we can add/remove armour with the soldier customisation… I might finally use it!

Certain things, like heavy’s rocket and techs crazy hands are part of their armor, as opposed to part of the class.

Hmm, I’m not sure what are you talking about. Changing armour had different effects. More HP, sometimes Damage Reduction, Grappling Hooks, Jet Packs, different number of inventory slots, sometimes Willpower boost, different modifiers for movement range.

Already armour for Heavy class have different stats for armour than other classes, here is also movement modifier. Like FiniteThrills mentioned both Tech and Heavy armours have attachments, Tech torso has also some bonus to armour. Currently only Sniper and Assault armours doesn’t have difference beside the looks, but I suppose it will also change when Perception and other mechanics will be implemented.

I was assuming he meant the different armor sets in customization were purely cosmetic, while he was hoping for something more like being able to say, add a skeleton suit grapple arm piece to something like a War suit to give it grapple ability. Which would be neat, but probably lead to seriously OP combos in firax. I could be wrong there. Maybe he just wanted cosmetics that changed function of specific armor, like skeleton suit have either a grapple or a jump pack depending on what style you chose.

Either way (or even if something different), Phoenix is taking an extra step with regards to armor that we haven’t seen in the genre before, as far as I know.

(it just occurs to me, he may have just spaced out on the “specialty” armors, or maybe wanted to be able to research grapple and flight mods as seperate attachments that would go on any armor).

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Well, yes!

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Xcom you could change the cosmetic looks of your soldiers. But it had no real in game benefits or consequences. If I cover a soldiers arms and legs in armour, I would want to get an armour benefit from it BUT I would expect a loss of mobility.

Likewise, if I remove armour from a unit and put them in shirts and red shirt only, non armour, I would expect a boost in mobility. Then have no armour when that unit is hit.

Just in game reflections of the changes rather than cosmetics only.

Sounds like PP is going to give us that :+1:

Oh. So I misunderstood. But I doubt that “customization” like that will be available. Unless you think about changing equipment (parts of armour). Then this is natural way of things. But you need to buy those parts of equipment. And I expect character customization to be free, no matter what you will select. But I’m almost sure that weapon colour, skin colour, mustache on face, sunglasses, and rebel t-shirt won’t change any of soldier’s statistics.