BB1-2 - I would love to play it, can anyone help?

Greetings to all survivors, mutants and cyborgs! :smiley:

I have a thing to ask you for. As the title says, i want to look at BB1 and BB2, badly… I missed the opportunity to back the game when these was around so i was only able to play bb3-4 and the release version of PP. I want to look at that awesome Fort Freiheit map and play it as it was introduced in earlier builds.

So please, can anyone help me and provide an archive or a link?

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I would like to replay as well, for me BB1/2 were the best times with Phoenix Point, there was something magical with Fort Freitheit

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@Valygar I suppose that now we can share links with old Backers Builds?


Let’s hope so :+1:

You know something went horribly wrong when people miss the earliest alphas builds.


That the people want to return to the first BBs it’s certainly not a good sign, but that they want to play them certainly is. It signals that the audience still believes in the game’s potential.

Meh. I liked MGS5 Ground Zero far more then MGS5 Phantom Pain.

Would be curious how the players would like it now, after returning from the full game.

I can’t visit the Discord channel very often. Maybe you guys interested in those BB can ask there? Some ppl still can have it stored on their drives.

Ok. I have permission to share it. There is just request from devs to not record it or to not stream it, because it doesn’t represent actual game.

I will upload it somewhere on the weekend and will share it with you here.


That’s cool, that’s very cool. Curious to find if BB1 was really more spooky and atmospheric, which was a huge plus, than the actual game.

it will be BB2 rather than BB1 :slight_smile: or you need BB1?

BB2 is fine, they were basically the same, not counting for the armadillo and the tech Unit

Thank you very much, BB2 will suffice! :smiley:

Wish they would bring back the character portraits of BB2.

Sorry guys, had to stay in temporary home. When I will get back to my main home I will upload. It can be like this Thursday night CET.

That’s OK, @Yokes. No need to hurry

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