Legendary difficulty please

That would be great to get “legendary difficulty” with 3 things:

  1. Invisible health of enemy
  2. Invisible line of sight to enemy
  3. Terminator mode. No save/load.
    *sorry for my English
    ** game seems awsome. Thank you!
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So you want to start new campaign each time when you enter the game? :slight_smile:

We definitely need an Ironman mode, if that’s what Phoenixman is referring to

Why? I mean only one slot for autosave like in xcomfiraxis. Ironman mode (or something like that. It was translated as terminator in version for my country)

Exactly so

Ok then. If autosave is there then why not. :slight_smile: Btw Ironman mode was announced to be in full game.

+1 I’d so love to have the option to turn off those sight-lines.

Nice, thanks for info!
Any news about maybe possibility of switch line of sight and health at least?

I know nothing about line of sight.

Health (and other statistics like armor, speed, perception, stealth) should be hidden when we haven’t done autopsy of that species. I’m not sure if this will be possible to turn that off for the whole time. Well I’m not even sure if they will keep promise about that hidden health in the first place. :slight_smile:

Ok. Thank you again

Was that promised?
I know we had discussions about it on the forums, but can’t remember the official stance on it…

UV mentioned it in one of his gameplays. I don’t know if it was discussed in development team and abandoned since then, but I suppose he knew what he was saying. :slight_smile:

And here it is also:

It was an idea that was toyed around with (I think it may have actually been Allen’s). Ultimately, I don’t think it made it in…yet.

Duh. Ok, then we will have floating HP over enemies until ‘yet’ becomes ‘now’ (maybe in some DLC?). :smiley:

I think in game like this when you don’t really know if you can see something from the location you are going to these lines are needed. In xcom people just add mods to get the same especially on legendary difficulty. I think this should be an option.

Re hit percentage of non-aimed shots.
I would like pheonix point to be a tactical game and not based on random encounters in which you can wipe as you have no knowledge about your enemy. I think it is better to show health pools. In real life you would do a recon or some tests before actual mission to see the strength of units of your enemy. So please don’t introduce elements which can screw tactical play.

In Xcom we have only 2AP, so it’s may be justified.
PP gives us much more AP and we can move step by step. Not so risky in contrast xcom. So cant see any problem with it.
Foreknowledge (not sure i use right word) is quite big part of gameplay I’m definitely sure.
Allvision is too boring and no fun in my opinion.

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It’s a vicious circle though isn’t it? If the game has sight-lines, the player never has any need to learn how to visually navigate using the map, and the development team never has any need to make it easier for the player to be able to do this.

I’ve never used sight-lights in xcom, I never really felt that I needed to, in fact I didn’t even know that a mod existed that allowed people to.

But regardless, the option to be able to turn sight-lines on or off as per the preference of the individual player would gave all players what they wanted/needed.


Except that game would have to be balanced for two options so maybe it’s better to choose one whichever it is.

Cant agree more with SpiteAndMalice🤝

Give us more challenge please. Option to switch off at least.:roll_eyes:
PS I have to notice that we had no any lines in original game

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