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Dear Snapshot Games,

I’ve been playing the game since release and I’m pretty content with it, I like the game mechanics in principle, tactical combat is engaging etc. I’ve followed the forums since then and I can see that you are doing the best you can to make things better. For that purpose, I wish to recommend the implementation of an Ironman mode, or an option to save the game every turn during tactical combat. I’m not sure if this had been proposed before or not, but i haven’t seen it and i think it would be quite beneficial for the game at this point. I recommend this for the simple reason that I played a haven defense mission yesterday and after clearing the whole map and only 2-3 fireworms remaining the game crashed and I will have to replay the whole mission again, which is quite unmotivating. In case u had an option to save every tactical turn (not manually but set this as an option, so that the game does this for you), or have an ironman mode where this is possible it would resolve this issue. Haven’t run into this only with the most recent patch before I never had any crashes. It might be my hardware/software not the game i have no clue, but having an autosave every turn would solve this annoyance. Ok, I quit repeating myself, so good job, and can I have a feedback on this can be implemented or not,

thanks, best


TL;DR Unfortunately, I think manually saving every turn or so is the only way you can avoid future situations like the one you describe.

You see, Ironman was supposed to be implemented at launch but they found a bug that wiped people’s saves and, as far as I know since I’m not on these forums much anymore, took it out and haven’t put it in.

However, my experience with the game from back in December leads me to believe that Ironman won’t be implemented anytime soon and won’t suit the game anyway. I think the devs know this. No way they wouldn’t have debugged the save issue by now.

Apologies if they have put it in and I missed the notes.

The beginning of the game is tame and slow, with a sharp build up of difficulty about 15-20 hours in. Who wants to keep replaying that first 20 or so hours because things go wrong 10-20 hours later?

Ironman worked with the Firaxcoms because the difficulty was more consistent and implemented from the get go. It wasn’t necessarily perfect, but far more even than PP. Also, the main campaigns only took 20-30 hours depending on difficulty and playstyle, therefore messing up badly and restarting wasn’t so much of an issue.

Lastly, PP still has too many bugs to have one auto-save slot.

I see, I think I just got used to playing Ironman so I don’t have the habit to save every turn now. I play the game in “Ironman” I never reload anything only if there is a crash but I don’t mind if there is no Ironman a simple option to save every turn would be just great. I’m actually fine with restarting even if I’m 20 hrs into the game already, If I lose I lose, nothing more there for me. What I don’t enjoy is reloading, but this is something I can do without the Ironman option so I don’t mind, I gave Ironman as an example where game saves every turn so it’s incidentally achieves what I would like to have (save every turn). Finally, I don’t know about the bugs, and how hard to implement this however, so I guess I’ll just try to cope with this. Thanks for the information, best

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I asked about ironman befor. UV answered ironman doesn’t work, was cut out and will add to game later.

Ironman should be in the game because it is the proper way to play Xcom and Xcom type games when one moves out of the ‘beginner player’ category. I would imagine the PP team are working on adding this back in there.

Having Ironman is absolutely essential. But the game needs to be totally stable and 99% bug-free before it’s usable, so I guess it will take quite some time.