Where! Is! Ironman!?

I’m very upset of it… :disappointed:

I personally do not care what the game is just a strategy where sweat will have a head and not…and not simplified to do not want…personally, I like the UFO where to sweat and suffer .

There? Is?

where where?:grinning::grinning::grinning:

There there!

I just went crazy waiting for the game never mind

He died in the Endgame I believe.


But will probably come back in parallel universe. :wink:

At least his voice does, or so the rumours go.

Am I only one who were waiting for “him”?
Hhhmmm, ok…:slightly_smiling_face:

Here it is :smiley:

You know… The Ironman…

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Cant wait xcom3 then! :rofl:

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There’s no Ironman mode? :confused: :confused:

Unfortunately no… ((

There was a bug with Ironman which we discovered at the last minute. Rather than having people lose their saves and their progress, we’ve temporarily disabled it. We’ll patch the bug and re-enable it very soon.


Thanks for the info but can you please advise as to whether this means that we can enable it in a current campaign once it’s patched in?

Or can it only be selected at the start of a New Game?


I believe it would be only at the start of a new game.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

So Ironman was temporarily disabled by Thanos.


One could say that Ironman got blipped.