SPOILER Phoenix Point - Year One Edition - Victory

I have played more than 1300 hours this game, lot of final missions, but a bad strategy, sloppy moves, not enough virophage kits for final map or technician will take its toll, PX operatives, one by one


Congrats, its nice to see detailed statistics, now its time for Hall Of Fame added :slight_smile: / points normalized by difficulty level. So we know how good we were

With some comment or name added by player :slight_smile:

I don’t see that, how is the game taking into account Ironman mode or our self restrictions?

Without those you can replay every mission and get better stats, right? not fair


Surely, but some trace of party played should be left. Since there are statistics to everything, that can easily translate to some points, and overall is a bit of motivation and pride factor to players.

Time - beating game as early as possible should earn most, meaning time should be a negative factor, as well as doomsday clock stats.


but Disciples of Anu not requiring Symes missions and To Antarctica is the fastest way, no contest

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We will see are others for it. Number of researched techs, missions played, produced items and killed aliens could earn points to compensate those who take the longer paths. Its very nice game has multiple endings, and is one of good re-playability factors.

Some hall of fame, even without points system, with ability to just see the stats, can be enough.

sure, that way you can compare tables

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Ability to put name or user comment would be most welcome, at the end, so that would be “hall of fame entry” that would display the stats. And I will shut up here, other players should have opinion, too :slight_smile:

Nice to see that you lost 14 soldiers. You clearly played it in the spirit of the game - it’s a war, so there’s no such thing as restart!

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Man I wanted to see this video but I see its the NJ ending and I didn’t play it yet. Will have to pass =/

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Yes, Ironman, recruits ending February or in March are pretty cheap, but I lost 6 soldiers before the Palace, 8 during last mission :joy:


One the last mission, it’s the results that matter!

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