Legacy of the ancients stuck enemies

Hey there,

I’ve sent a save file to your services where an enemy is stuck under the scenery in one of the “legacy of the ancients” missions. Should I expect to receive feedback or even a save file where the issue is fixed? Or is my only option to fail the mission and try again?

This is a known bug. There were more instances and most were fixed. Sometimes explosives can remove the top cover.

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Thanks for your response.

I’m aware, I did some research online. I also used every means that was available to my squad, but to no avail. So I take it fail and reload is my only option here?

You can also activate the console and win the mission with console command.

I am sharing autoexec.cfg file with you via PM as I cannot upload it here. But you can also create the file yourself it has only this line:

disable_console_access = false

You need to put this file into your root directory of Phoenix Point ( D: Program Files\Epic Games\Phoenix Point\ for Epic in my case and d:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Phoenix Point\ on Steam.

Then in-game if you press ; you will activate console. (Same as Counter Strike).

If you type win into the console it will win your current mission.

Very much appreciated!! :smiley:

It wasn’t the end of the world to have to restart the mission, but your extra effort here just made me appreciate the game (and its crew) even more.

Thanks for caring :star_struck: