I need to know the command to win a mission

I need that because i´m stuck on a ambush misssion where the game always freezes after some time. I already sent 3 F12 reports on that, but i want to move on and heard on a video that there exists a command that forces victory…

@UnstableVoltage are we allowed to share commands? :slight_smile:

I know it is not a magic, but maybe let’s not post them on the forum?

If that would be final version of the game I would gladly help to overcome such obstacle but this is still alpha build, where such cases can occur. I would advise loading previous save or start campaing from the beginning.

But it is players conscience if they want to abuse codes… I’m confused. :thinking:

My problem is in ambush missions and they can’t be skipped, so even reloading old saves or restarting the campaign won’t solve this problem.

It’s a single player game, if i want to win the game using the console and KillAllAlienOnMap or whatever and i’m happy doing that let me be happy, if i want to play Ironman withoput savegames let me be happy the other way.

It’s an alpha build and i think console was made to overcome the inevitable problems that plague all alpha/beta builds. The same problem happened to me too, AI probably in a loop and after five minutes nothing happened; having no recent saves i had to restart the campaign. Not a big issue being at the third mission but a small annoyance anyway
Now i save the game before sending a soldier to pee inside the base.

the code is win

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In case you don’t get command. Some of these bugs are related to map generation and enemy spawn, if you load before battle - not the autosave but manual save before you’ve explored point, map will be different. I’ve solved bugged missions like this, where you where not able to “find” last enemy.

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commands - show all avaible commands.
win - to make victory while in mission.


any way lost 10-20 minutes of play + 5-10 minutes to reload last save before fight, load screen etc… is annoying

thanks a lot

thanks for this I was stuck in a no enemies left situation