DLC 2 Artifact maps bugged - last enemy lost

Simply can`t find the last enemy. Searched the whole map.

Happened now to me the 2nd time.
Only console helped me.

I had this also, but I found him. He was in the underground somewhere on a higher elevation and only the top peak of his red blip was visible. 2 times on the same map and same position.
I reported it with F12.

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They are spawning inside the rock base of the plateaus. F12’ed at least 2 times so far.

It happened to me too, luckily I could snipe it from a very little hole.

Can you tell me how can you use concole commands and which did you use? It could be helpful for later. thx

fow 0 (fog of war) reveals all units.

There is a specific file, you need to have in your install folder.

Then you activate with “#”, and use “win” to solve the map.

If you need that file, tell me. I got it from UnstableVoltage.

can you share please?


Just put the file into your main folder with your Phoenix Point installation. Console will be activated upon starting the game.

If a mission is bugged: Activate the console hitting “#”, then “Win”.

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We are going to release a hotfix next week to address this problem with hidden / bugged enemies.


This has also happened to me. In the past, I discovered ways to vault over terrain and jump down a level below it. This was easy to do on maps with generators that need to be protected. You can jump down under the generator into an empty room that exists below them. This allowed me to chase enemies that got under the map.

But I could not vault down under the map to go after these enemies, so as previously mentioned, it does seem like they spawned there, rather than having fallen down there.

This exact bug just happened to me. Glad we will be getting a hotfix to address it.

How did ancients hide their tech for 1000s of years you think? With a guardian inside a rock… nobody could not finish that mission so they were safe forever.

Or with these wide-open ruins that are harder to miss than a Great Pyramid? I think it is suspension of disbelief. And “excavation” is not necessary to find this stuff.

There was just a little update and I got my hopes up, but I still have the last guardian safely hidden under the ground… same for others? Or do I have to do a full restart?

If you reloaded in this mission after the patch then I think the patch can’t handle this (I assume that the Hoplit is already there when you start this mission). Try to load the autosave, it should be right before this mission. Starting a full new campaign should probably not be necessary, but I’m not sure.

Yep, the patch couldn’t handle it but reverting via autosave did work. Thanks.

You actually hit the ~ (tilde) not the # for the fix