What do you do when the mission gets bugged?

I have a normal crates protection mission which doesnt end.
It says kill all enemies which I did but the mission still keeps going on.
I searched the whole map three times, was in every corner and every room and every level but there are no more enemies. Was looking for those small facehugger and other worms cause they tend to stay afk at their place until you approach them but nothing.
Damn silly bug.
Reloading a savegame didnt help either.
Maybe I need to restart that mission but I dont have the nerves for doing that atm.

the worms and mindfraggers can get caught under the terrain and won’t move if trapped, causing the mission to not end. Destroying terrain can help find them

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Wow, however you found out about that it’s a hell of a bug. I had to abandon the mission.

it isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. In the pre-alpha builds, enemies fallout through the terrain and getting stuck inside it rather than behind it were common

As in a crabman with its legs hanging from the ceiling

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