Ancient ruin bad guy stuck in wall

Buggy wall in one of the ancient ruins, I have an enemy stuck in a small cavity, and I cannot reach him to kill him so i’m stuck. Savegame here:

Try explosive weapon, if not just restart, it will change enemy position.

This was more of a bug report, had to redo to fix.

In this case the best solution I know of is to win the mission by using console commands. If you have console activated then open the console and type: win

If you do not have console activated here is how you activate it:

Open notepad or any other software that allows you to create text documents. Create a new document. Add only this sentence into the document:

disable_console_access = false

Save the document and name it autoexec.cfg

Move this document to your Phoenix Point folder. Where this folder is depends on where you installed Phoenix Point but for example default path for Steam installation is: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Phoenix Point\

Once the autoexec.cfg file is there, start Phoenix Point and press ; (semicolon) to open the console.

Here is list of console commands: Phoenix Point Console Commands - Google Docs