After quiting a game, i cant start another one

After quiting a game, i cant start another one because the play button will be disabled, and if i click on “X” (close button) to close the launcher, a message appears saying that “Cant close the launcher while the game is running”

Is this happening all the time or you had it once? If once just kill the process and run it again. If more times then maybe try to disable antivirus before closing the game and check if something has changed.

Thanks; After disabling an antivirus module (avast) i was able to quit and start again, but then i would have to do that every time or kill the launcher process. I don’t have this problem with any other game and i have hundreds of them.

Have you tried adding the game to the exception/whitelist rules for your antivirus? The issues seems to be because we won’t yet have the .exe digitally signed. Because some of the more aggressive antivirus programs don’t recognise it, they quarantine or delete it.

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I will try that. Thanks.