Patch notes in Announcements

I’m pretty new to Epic, but seems that there are no patch notes, nor I can find any information if a given game was updated and with which content. Would it be possible to have all updates written in Announcements here on the forum? There are already multiple bug reported which people claim led them to leaving the game until fixed. Would be lovely to know if given bug is fixed or not.

when a patch was made to the backer builds, they announced the patch and what was in it, so I don’t see why that wouldn’t happen now

None are fixed atm, the game hasn’t been updated since 3/12, but a team member replied in another tread saying they expect a patch in 1 or 2 weeks “adressing most prioritized bugs” i think we’ll have the patchnote and the precise date when it will be ready :slight_smile:

Ow, ok. I thought some micro-patches went already live. There were multiple people saying the have some problem, but turned their auto-patching on and suddenly it started working for them. Thus I assumed something was patched already :smiley:

They patched it and I played with the new patch for around half hour and all seemed good. But then they rolled back the patch because it had a save location bug. It was saving to a folder called ‘saved games’ instead of the folder ‘sdkwfhcw65444’ whatever. I’m not sure if they have fixed it and re-patched. I don’t know.
It was announced and so was the reason for it’s removal, but they seem to have taken it down.

It fixed crashing for some locality’s.
Fixed the aiming from cover bug.
Fixed some audio issue.

black screen on start-up

No. nothing about black screen unless that came in with the crashing at start.
They also said another patch would be following shortly.

Probably misunderstood then.

I wish I knew if they had re-patched it. I don’t know how long it will take them to fix the hotfix and get it back through Epic.
I was enjoying myself.

It was repatched within just a few minutes of the rollback. In game version number is v1.0.54580 The version in the launcher is v1.0.54581 (just to make sure it has priority over the old patch)

Hey, thank you. Back into battle it is then. \o

Nope. still have v1.0.54580

close the EGS in the system tray, reopen and try again?