DLC has been delayed?

I remember the first DLC being announced for January 31st, wich at the time already seemed way too optimist, and since then any date has been erased.

Is there any new info regarding the state of DLC, or we’ll just have to wait and see?

A date for the DLC was never officially announced - so there isn’t a delay.

We had some placeholder dates on our initial artwork which was created for the store page. The dates then get removed after a day or two as they weren’t actual release dates.

The first DLC will still come fairly soon though.

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When we can expect some patch with bug fixes?

On Thursday


Is there any chance to see a feature list for upcoming DLC to have something to drool on? :drooling_face:



One more question for you. I expressed some of my concerns on another thread:

Sincerely I expected you will answer this. Can you give me some info about this?

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The devs working on the DLC are mostly artists and animators with some programming support and their own design teams. These aren’t the same teams which are working on support for the core game.

This is standard practice in the industry as no studio is going to pay their art department to sit and do nothing - so once the base game has released (and often before the release - as their work on it is already complete), they move on to the DLC.


Fair enough :+1: Thanks for answers

Cool! Thanks for the replies :+1:

Better not. Otherwise there will be threads with hundred posts about features which weren’t released yet.


Thursday aye? I assume the stuff marked as “In Progress” on the feedback page will be what’s in this one. Hopefully some major rebalancing that isn’t full of nerfs on the player this time.

Or friday :slight_smile:

I’d assume at this point the new patch has been delayed until Friday for more last-minute testing or changes.

Their HQ is in Bulgaria (GMT+2) even though they do have an office in Los Angeles USA (GMT-8), and they released the last patch at 5am GMT-8 (3pm GMT+2). So they’ve already missed Thursday in their HQ timezone.


10/10, keep up the good work and fight the good fight @UnstableVoltage . We can wait an extra day.

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Oh wow my memory said 6pm GMT, I was way off!

What is time?

I could be wrong on the actual binary file release time, I’m just going by when the patch notes were posted since I could look that up easily on these forums.

Honestly I hope they do delay the DLC… the longer they have to actually FIX the core game the better. I feel once DLC starts getting released we’re pretty much locked in to however the game is.


My understanding was that the first DLC was slated for release in Q1. That covers the first three months of the year.
Of course… that comes down to whether they’ve got it ready yet, but they still have a month and a half before their estimated release date is missed.

As unstablevoltage said above:
“A date for the DLC was never officially announced - so there isn’t a delay”