Last mission is to easy – SPOILER

It should be a challenge, but is another massacre!!!
I did it 4 times in Legendary (tried the different finals after finish the campaign) and did not have a single causality!

With the Rebuke Boom Blaster barrage we can almost destroy all Gatekeepers and most of enemies are “normal” ones, very easy to kill.
It would be nice much more enemies, at least FOUR Scyllas instead two, more snipers, and all enemies should be Praetorians. ALL of them. This is the Final Mission and they are guarding the Yuggothian Entity!!!

Besides that, Scyllas, Arthrons and Sirens are armoured enemies, should be much more resistants to blaster explosion damage to avoid the overpower of be smashed before even play by the Boom Blasters player barrage that can send 3 explosives by soldier (2 grenades + 1 missile)

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Perhaps some weapons (DLC) and skills are just OP?! …


Anyone remember the final boss in Super Metroid? It was difficult TO lose that battle… yet it was still epic because of the self-destruct timer (which was actually the boss, really).

If this game’s final encounter isn’t epic, I wouldn’t be surprised… should anyone be? Play any part of this game and I think it should become expected :laughing:

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What is rebuke boom blaster? Granade launcher plus boom blast plus that heavy ability to shoot several times in a role?

I dont mind the gatekeepers part, aside that I sometimes get low on ammo, unless I use mark of death heavily (and that is - with bringing a lot of ammo).

I find entity boring and ovepowered - and would love to see it as more engaging, moving enemy, using tentacles to throw your soldiers around, rob them of weapon, breaking their armors and such. Passive boss that has accumulating psy ability is my big disappointment.

Since its Tentacle based creature, why not improving it?

If its physical attack I would expect to see tentacle hit to a soldier, not just a mark.

It could whip soldier of armor, throw him back, steal the weapon and use it with its clip, end fight could be so much better and exciting then rushing and finding few points to throw as much ammo as possible.

add your ideas

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Heavy ability with LotA grenade launcher and missil (ou PP mountaid laser) after it!!!

Oh yes. With Boom blast you can launch two granades in a sequence, or yes, you could always use “on shoulder” missile launch for 1AP. Its great for breaking groups or heavily armored enemies.

Only downside is when NJ overabuses it, with heavies flying over half map and then launching missile to a big distance - all in one turn. Especially, if they have several around (like Bizantium on higher difficulty)