Finish Legendary Campaign – Late Game overpower and to easy!

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This game has potential to be a reference of the genre, has many new features and innovations, and the first half of the game is challenging and nice. The main problem is the late game, where player develop a team of godlike soldiers and Pandora don´t, so the game became unbalance and boring, with all the missions being massacres, with no fight and little interest.

The main overpowers i detected were:

  • Advanced Laser Technology weapons of Phoenix Point. All do lot of damage for 1 AP.
  • Technician ability of Manual Control turrets for 1AP-3WP without cool down, that allow fire overpower turret 4 times in a turn by each technician. With several in the team, is possible to destroy even a Scylla in first turn.
  • Multiclass cross buildings that allow super godlike soldiers, mixing sniper with sneak attack, Berserker with rapid clearence, etc.
  • Boom blast ability of Heavys who allow fire 3 explosives in same turn (2 grenades + 1 missel – or even a mounted laser!!!). Multiple heavy soldiers with rebuke grenade launcher destroy almost everything Pandora can bring in first turn.

In order to game become harder and challenging for players in tactical battles I suggest:

  • Pandora (and New Jericho/Synedrion) snipers shooting twice per turn (instead only one).
  • More snipers and more Arthrons Tyrant Prime present.
  • Give Scylla immunity to virus
  • Give Scyllas, Arthrons and Sirens heavy resistance to blaster explosions to avoid they be destroyed in first turn.
  • Remove prepare cannon to Scyllas (I never saw one firing it), making Scyllas fire it without warning
  • Improve the strike force in base attacks, at least for the double and bring Scyllas also.
  • Diminish the time of warning to a base or resource attack from 24h to 12h or less (that prevent bring multiple teams and waiting for Pandoras with 20 soldiers).
  • Improve number and type of enemies in final mission. At least 4 Scyllas in Gate keeper and more snipers.
  • Let snipers be hidden, when they don´t see our soldiers they advance in map and become close to our team.
  • Make Pandoras use more fire attacks. That is the most severe damage our team can have and Pandoras almost don´t use it. Put Arthrons and Tritons using fire grenades or similar.
  • Wake up all hoplites in Ancient Sites when one is killed sleeping and start searching for enemies, this to avoid kill all hoplites with silent snipers without fight.
  • Give Spawnery the Psychic Scream and when it dies explode in a cloud of poison
  • Make Sentinels do mass hatch earlier
  • Make NJ Heavys and Pure Heavys using grenade launchers and firing twice in a turn as player can do.
  • Improve Pure hit points
  • Improve (a lot) Pure final mission making it much harder and appear Subject 24 as a powerfull boss enemy
  • Make aircraft be present in some tactical battles (the outdoor ones) and representing the point of escape. This to have the risk of it being damage and forcing player to defend it also. Aircraft should be present in Base defences also.

About Campaign pace in Geoscape, the main problem is the lack of penaltys in diplomacy.
The war should start much earlier, I suggest – 25.

This for factions and for Phoenix Point.
Inter faction warfare starts to late in the game, it should be earlier.
Player can abuse of raiding other human factions and they becoming allies easily at same.

Player using of Cyborg augmentations should give penalty do Disciples of Anu diplomacy, the same from using mutations to New Jericho diplomacy.
Story and LotA missions when attacking factions should give diplomacy penalty.

I strongly recommend to fix the exploit that allow player to raid the same Haven for the same resource 4 times in a row until soldiers have stamina. After a raid, the facility raided should become inactive for some days.


Canny Official Feedback Tool topic:

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