Very last mission (Spoiler)

just started the last mission.

In the entrance area I am swarmed bei about 10.000 aliens. How am I supposed to deal with it?

I get slimed in the second round. 8 Arthrons in the first room, when I can`t move. Great idea, that lastmission…

How do you deal with it?

It’s the last mission, throw missiles and grenades.
Oh, and bring a priest with you to protect against psy damage.

Sounds like you need much ammo.

Which characters should be in the squad for the last Mission? 2-3 heavy mixed class, 1-2 priest, 1-2 assault mixed class, 1 technican, 1 infiltrator?

I got:
3 Heavy/Sniper; 2 Sniper/Heavy, 1 Sniper/Assault, rest is Assault

Now that priests’ mindcrush was nerfed (rightly so), it is not possible anymore to simply run in the middle of them and mindcrush till they are all dead.
With the number of enemies, the best way to “clean” is to go there with all the explosives you can bring.
And lots of ammo.

  • first room
    • 2 Scyllas
    • 4 Chirons (goo & worms)
    • 2 Sirens
    • 3 Tritons with sniper rifle
    • lots of Arthrons
  • second room
    • 4 mortar Chirons
    • spawning enemies
    • the Yuggothian Entity that marks your units and applies psy damage on surrounding allies (bring a Priest)

Dress your heavies with at least heavy armor torso and Thor mounted weapon with lots of ammo. Go wild and bomb their face.
Sniper rifle to finish off the dying Chirons.

Sounds funny. Iam Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

The mortar Chirons give me a hard day.

Do the enemies stop spawning in second room any time?

You know what? The Chirons f… me up:
I get bombed even in the foreroom.

How on earth am I supposed to react?:
In the FIRST round I get gooed and mortared.
No movement possible.

That mission design is completely s…

Im playing on easiest difficulty. Its supposed to be doable.

You have mortar Chirons in the first room ?

I got mortared in the first room with the beacon on the ground.
As well I get slimed with goo there.

You have 3 turns before the Pandorans in the first room do anything.
You can walk next to them and they won’t even react.
So move every body in position as soon as possible.
Have the infiltrator do all the scouting.
And start bombing them with your five heavies.

Now, for my part, I have heavies in full Anvil armor so mortar Chirons don’t do a lot of damage. And I don’t care about goo Chirons because all my “non-jetpack” soldiers have the “anti-goo” module.

Men, I reloaded, after all Chirons in 1. room are goo launchers. Happened, that the first Scylla came alone, lucky for me.

Now the Arthrons came in groops and were easy targets for my rockets.

I checked this last night and it’s not correct. I rushed a bunch of high-mobility Assaults into that room on turn 1, didn’t attack and ended my turn. The Pandorans attacked them immediately.

If you stay just out of sight behind that big wall they don’t move though (move a stealth unit up to reveal all the bad guys so you know where ‘just out of sight’ is).

OK, maybe it was with an infiltrator that didn’t get spotted. I was really close, but it was 1.5 months ago when I was still using 100% stealth.
So they don’t move for 3 turn, unless you “alert” them.

So the extremely high wall at the start of the mission prevents chiron mortars from hitting you if you stay close to it. You then need to lure other pandorians to the edge of it. Then kill them, using spiders, turrets, explosives and guns. The chirons are defensiveless when their moral is reduced to zero because of the death of their other soldiers. Turrets and spiders are not concerned with WP or mind control. One can carry a lot of spiders too.

But then you’ll have not much cover, most are further from the wall, and I remind have goo everywhere here. With first part with bombard, it will be a lot harder. Myself I had bombard only not far from entrance of final room and in this final room, they had no chance to bombard anything thanks to long range kills. But yeah it was Easy, I suppose at Legend the setup will change.

I used mostly the large wall as cover and some of the plants and rocks around. However, I did get a little bit complacent with my last playthrough to get th NJ victory. I managed to let some Arthrons come around the side of the wall and fire their grenades which destroyed some guns and arms of my soldiers. Ultimately it didn’t matter, but I did have to get a bit more aggressive to ensure I completed the mission. But the wall is still generally good for avoiding mortars if you stay close to it. The idea is the lure and wait for the pandoran units to come around the side and then let loose on them with everything you have.

I ve beaten the game with the exalted, in the last mission first scylla charged first and took a lot damage by my sniper than has been mind controlled by exalted and blocked the crab swarm, spitted on them and get killed by RF. I ve bombed them with my unique heavy and halved them, killed part of the remaining with the rest of the squad. After come the Tritons and the second scylla that took some turns to manager with. I was blocked in the bottleneck when chirons started bombing fire worm and goo togheter with few Tritons and two Sirens killed two snipers and a berserker before get killed. I tossed a dozen spider over the goo that did a good job against Chirons. So i entered the first room, rwcovered health and guns from the deads and finished chirons. Suddenly come from second room some crabs and Siren, and saw two bombing chirons without will. It has been easy to get the Youggothian and finish him losing other three soldiers and almost the exalted. Did a lot of damage with pre_nerf MC of course.

Iam currently in the last Mission. All enemies are dead without the spwaning ones.

  • the Youggothian Front is closed. Is that during the whole battle that i can only shot him from one side?
  • the spawning enemies spawn and shoot in one round. Not nice. Can i do somethin against that?