Ok, now e can talk about high difficulty

This is turn 1, just revealing some enemies:
1x Scylla
1x Siren
3x Artheron

Very close and probally not all enemies near starting point. I don’t think this can be won, but lets give it a try.

Solderis lvl 5-7, no raven, no heavy-sniper with rage-burst or other OP stuff to kill scylla in less 3 turns.

Yeah, I don’t like chirions fireing from the other corner of the map and hiding behind walls, but this is also insane!

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Ok, that was much easier than a lot of other missions without a scylla.

1 Scylla, 4 Sirens, 2 Chirons (no bombard), many Crabs and some Tritons including two snipers. Possibly two sirens was spawn at second turn. Haven defense, Easy difficulty.

Otherwise, Scavenging mission, 1 Scylla, 2 bombard Chirons, 2 Sirens, a lot of crabs and some tritons but no snipers. Easy difficulty too, but tiny map, at first turn Scylla and a Chiron killed.

Yes, it’s often the point, the disaster I remind was a sonic Scylla and 2 fire worm Chirons, I didn’t knew this type of Scylla, get surprised and it turned ugly.

What was your strategy? Today i had a hard fight but my priest controlled then two crabs and they bombed their friends all away

Sonic Chylla?
Alas I forgot control properties and get surprised by some points:

  • The AOE length is huge, I didn’t expected it.
  • A controlled alien helped for nothing the Scylla don’t care stun them.
  • Get overloaded by fire worms from two Chirons, and excess of injuries, I had lost already two soldiers at third turn of struggling with the sonic attack, and when spreading better my team. Just restarted and killed it first, yeah lame, next time will be more fun, but in my opinion it’s the most dangerous Scylla, ok after the random (bad design) Cannon.

A good War Cry from your Heavy could help a lot to mitigate damage for the next turn.


I was able to disable sirens head (no kill), kill 2 Artherons and disable scyllas both weapons (also removes torso armor with perk) in first turn. It was not that hard, the chirion from the other corner of the map was just a goo one, also only one siren, that was very lucky. The tritons and artherons were no big problem.

My problem is the extreme difficulty spike on the other side of the earth (only scylla missions now), I need to destroy the pandoran bases quickly. Another haven defence with a scylla and 2 chirions was much harder. Now I’ve got a raven sniper with rage-burst, lets see how it works after patch.

Honestly, before dunwich patch I’ve played on hero (now veteran) and it felt easier! :rofl:

See my recent post.

It’s very powerful anyway. Spite two rage burst in a turn is a bit too much will for a sniper, but chain two RB along two turns is quite an option (saving 6 WP and spread on two turns). The nerf is also the aiming, shoot from less far or make a gamble.

Today played “o brother where are’t though” (or so) special mission. Recover synedrion agent. He spawned surrounded by 3 berserkers with 2 more trailing behind. mission failed after turn 1…
Not fun.

Yesterday 6/6 civilians on haven defense synedrion spawned amidst 4 arthrons (mg+shield) + 3 tritons (2 pistols 1 sniper). I did manage this only because a nearby scylla spawned mindfraggers, one of those hugged the last civilian. I could end this before he bled out (got a stray pistol shot from a trition before).
Quite a lot fun but you see the point…

Game is a candidate for 9/10 otherwise i wouldn’t get so mad at some things. Waiting for today’s patch.

On my opinion those missions have a design problem. In prev campaign, I did it in two or three turns with one Infiltrator, because the agent was at 2 or 3 rush of the evac. But also had another similar mission where the civil was in middle of enemies, it was ridiculous.

Haven defense missions are well done, including those to defend civils. But those rescue special missions need a fix.

I had two assaults on my team, so with two Rally The Troops I managed to run the rescuee out of the temple, and had him survive the first round with just 20 HP left. Had I known how the mission starts I would have brought more assaults. Maybe even use more than one Manticore to have a bigger squad.