Suggestions for Final Mission

The last mission needs a lot of work.

  • The Palace is way too small and provides way too few tactical options.

  • The Yoggothian Vessel is a static foe with two simple, and not very threatening, attacks. It needs more options and should be more of a challenge, or it needs more hordes defending it. I should have to sacrifice some people to deliver a killing blow, or meet my win condition.

  • There is no sense of urgency in the mission. My play-through glitched and I couldn’t cross the squares of the gate without jumpjets or the bionic jump legs. I got 3 guys through and the rest just stood at the threshold and obliterated it without breaking a sweat.

  • It feels like the faction you are working with should be involved. For example, Synedrion should provide some troops and one of them has the artifact for the win, or the Exalted should come with you for Anu, etc.

  • Each faction should have to do something different to win their mission. For example, get the Exalted to a specific point before the Vessel and defend her from an onslaught for 5 turns. New Jericho could be placing charges at strategic points, Synedrion needs to set up a disruptor, or provide special weapons that need to be used to drive probes into the Vessel, or disrupt its psychic emanations, etc.


The last time I played it she did come along. She’s quite powerful too!

Yep, the Exalted definitely does come along in the Disciples of Anu version of the final mission.
Whereas the other versions of the final mission require the player to pick up and carry an injector thingamajig and plonk it onto the Yuggothian Receptacle’s corpse, in the Disciples of Anu version you get the Exalted as a free extra squad member. She has access to the full range of Priest class abilities (she still has pre-nerf version of Mind Crush!), a really high Will Point stat and she can smash through obstacles in her path with style, what’s not to like about her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:? Move her right into the centre of a big group of gatekeepers and have her spam as many glorious pre-nerf Mind Crushes as she can. Mind Crush also works on the Yuggothian Receptacle as well.

And it’s possible to get the Disciples of Anu version of the final mission and ending without needing to go to Antarctica, making it the easiest ending to get.

I too would like the Pandoran Palace final mission to get overhauled and updated though. The Yuggothian Receptacle is too much of a passive bullet-sponge boss, it needs a more varied set of attacks and abilities that it can use beyond just Mark of the Void. I wouldn’t want to make the final mission too difficult, but if I don’t lose over half the operatives in my squad by the time I win the final boss fight, I’d consider it to be a bit too easy.

Though it would be nice if the factions sent forces of their own to support your operatives if your operatives are completing that faction’s version of the final mission.

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I had that same issue. But didn’t have the Bionics, and my Jumpjet Heavies couldn’t jump past the invisible barrier.

Glad to see they finally fixed that bug. :wink: :+1: :clap:

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Yeah, the entity is goofy. It’s like you’ve wandered into an arcade game at the last minute.


Nice suggestions, as usual, make tickets to official feedback tool, not just discussion, to give it a chance!

Also I find it stupid its PRIEST class dependent since Entity has psy attacks. This could stay for Anu, but could change for other 2 choices.

Technically, it’s not a physic attack. The only protection is to keep one’s units more than 5 tiles distance from one’s units.

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It is, since only Priest can protect against it. Thanks for distancing tip, I through it has unlimited range.

Priests can not protect from it, as it’s not a psychic attack (by the design of the devs).

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