Large Phoenix Point Units, Unity Performance and Bugs / Mission Design

Hey there,
first off, I’m glad I backed way back when Phoenix Point was first anounced and I’m enjoying the game so far (mostly).
I’m currently in my first Playthrough and I’ve noticed a few things that seem… off.

  1. List Large Units (Mutog, Armadillo, Scarab) seem like a waste of time, they’re either taking too much space on the Manticore or need a serious buff; The Armadillo is kinda okay but still not worth the space its taking.

  2. I’m running the Game on an GTX 1060, 4x 3,4GhZ CPUI and 16GB RAM, so no high end rig, but the Resource hogging of Unity Engine is kinda annoying; I know that’s rather difficult to fix, but somekind of improvement would be very appreciated (I dont have problems running the game, but background processes and even Browers suffer heavily while the game is running).

  3. I’ve failed a number of missions now caused by some Worms stuck in unreachable places or below / beyond the map; which is really frustating if you “beat” a mission by the hair of your teeth with your soldier being poisoned and suffering from acid to realize that there is a worm stuck inside a watertank or below the map where you cannot reach it.
    I honestly was surprised Acid Worms even live on after their Chiron died (Either that or maybe detonate them if the AI realizes that it cannot move at all?)
    (Not mentioning being confonted with 4 Acid Worm Chirons in my very first Lair Assault O_o , but thats kinda manageable.)

So that’s my impression from my first days with the Phoenix Point Release Build;
I’ts fun don’t get me wrong, but there are just alot of small things that keep ruining it for me :confused:
But even if this seems relatively negative, I love the hell out of this game and its everything I had hoped for when backing =D
So I’m looking forward to the next patches =)

Worm-Positions - and again the RNG factor strikes hard…

Sorry for all who read this by me over and over… but… RNG without rules and logic … the biggest issue the game has I feel…

I personally have not experienced big issues with RNG and if there were any I encountered these were minor.
I had pretty tough missions generated for me, but as long as you can retreat its not that problematic.

I have more of an Issue with how useless for example the Mutog is, I was very excited when I got it pretty early in my Campaign but even in the Early Game its not really any better than any Soldier.
Now in the Mid to Late Game it just dies without coming even remotely close to an enemy because its now weaker than my average heavy, does not level and it 6 times the size and therefore a bullet magnet :confused:

So you already have RNG’ed, just in your favor. Still it is pure RNG if a campaign goes well or not. Everytime you encounter a new Mission, RNG COULD spawn it in your reach… or on the other side of the Planet. Everytime an Enemy spawns, it COULD spawn on a tile visible or outside of the map… several people have really good campaigns, without issues and problems. They are lucky. Others encounter so bad RNG that the Game reaches a point where its nearly unplayable…

lol i just join a haven defense with 28 strenght from the pandorans and after the loading screen voilà, a scylla at 7 tiles from my squad in the evac spot, welcome to the jungle. I need to change my pants.

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yup been there, and was like … nope sorry haven youre on your own, i had armadillo and 2 assualts and a sniper, i had one hand grenande, wasnt gonna take the scylla even if there wasnt 10 other enemies coming at me

Yep, had something like that as well yesterday.
Arrived in a haven defense against a scylla and numerous other enemies.
Fired all my Scarab missiles and Manager to take Out the scylla before it could flee, but needed to retreat from the hordes of sirens and tritons…