Phoenix Point Backer Build First Impressions

I’ve managed to play through both modes for the past few days and so far I’m really enjoying it. I’ve come into the turn-based tactics games from Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics as well as fireaxis last two X-Com games (and X-Com Bureau declassified). So I thought I’d be prepared for Phoenix Point boy was I wrong lol.

My first few games were disasters and running out of ammo or having soldiers unable to use guns or dying halfway to the crate. Well I managed to beat Fort Freiheit on the fifth attempt which was more of a fluke, my sole surviving Heavy with no ammo managed to Benny Hill around the map until the Queen bled to death.

I think I’m finally getting used to the game mechanics and are stopping trying to treat it like the last two X-coms.Freiheit has been beaten about three times now and I won the random map twice in a row earlier today with the last attempt only losing one soldier.

I’ve encountered a few bugs so far and I’ve F12’d most of them. Earlier though my camera went a bit weird when i moved the mouse the screen moved in the opposite direction. I didn’t F12 that one because I couldn’t really show that in a screenshot.

I hope in the next build they allow us to mix and match the soldier types so we can try our own squad types against the crabmen.


I have had that happen to me as well. Are you using an Ultra-wide monitor by chance? (that is what I was using).

I have the game on another PC with a 1080p monitor, I haven’t seen that happen, BUT I haven’t played the game on it enough to know for sure. :blush:

If you are using a Ultra-wide monitor then you/we can submit that as a “bug”. :wink:

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I’m using a laptop. It’s a HP Pavillion 15" so don’t think the screen could be consider ultra wide?

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Well OK I guess it isn’t a UW screen that is our problem…just thought I would ask…just in case. :wink:

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Just played a game on the random map on my first turn it showed me line of sight on an enemy I hadn’t spotted yet at the opposite end of the map. Ironically none of my units could see the crabman on the roof to the side at a closer range who then machine gunned my sniper disabling his left arm. (speaking of disabled limbs, has there been any mentions of repairing damaged limbs? Either an advanced medkit or a splint item?)

One change to LOS I’d love to see is directional LOS by that I mean units only see what they’d physically see. For example this last map I spotted a crabman while I was running in the opposite direction which makes little sense since he was around the corner.

this would also allow both sides a little more stealth by sneaking around and past crabmen while you move behind them to kill them.

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Woo finally completed Fort Freiheit without losing anyone. It was getting annoying losing soldiers I found it a lot better to split the four into two teams assault + sniper one side assault + heavy on the other. Also knowing I can get willpoints from the tower I used overwatch on the approach and then jetpacked the heavy to the tower.

Really liking it so far. Only downside is the female soldier uses a male model but that will be changed in the full game so its not too bad just distracting

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Technician class will be able to heal that. Developers didn’t mention how exactly it will be done, but probably it will be some class skill, maybe combined with medkit.

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