Serious performance issues during enemy turn

Heaven attack missions are a mess.

The civilian AI is non-existent. They keep running towards the aliens instead of hiding or actually trying to help.

The alien turns “thinking” phase and grenade environment destruction calculation is unacceptably slow! It’s only half a year 'till the release, I’d finally like to see some optimization in place. My PC is really high end so no excuses are appropriate.

I agree performance is worst during enemy turns. I sure like the game though.

I’m betting the game will be delayed again for the greater good.
It has been said that some features are in the pipeline but that might mean the polish isn’t on the table just yet.
From what i understood the development team has gotten bigger at this stage thanks to the funding all around.

I wasn’t expecting optimizations at any backer builds, but i guess some have it harder than others.
Mostly my experience was alright except for a few crashes, but i agree a small tune up to make it bearable would come a long way.