Just wanted to thank the team for the game

I backed on Fig and was not pleased by the Epic move but i wanted to say thank you to the team the game is good, not perfect but i think it had potential to become great

There are bugs and it lacks polish here and there and many things could be improved (los and line of fire, the heavy seems useless even with jetpack he can not shoot and move and its accuracy is ridiculous whereas dual class heavysniper is OP cause using rage burst with an advanced sniper rifle kills everything, dash still OP, no defensor during haven attack)
BUT the world feels alive, the lore and story are far better than FiraXCOM proposed and each faction got its own agenda and plans, it is possible to steal from them and to betray them, the free aim mode gives interesting tactical option and i enjoy playing it (goodbye social life, kids and wife…)
The journey is just beginning keep up the good work