Just another example of bad mission design

So there´s the level, where you shall find the guy who could be Mr. XYZ (forget the name).

Mission description says, find this guy and rescue him. Ok. Map started, there are several Anu soldiers visible. I move maximum range and spot a civil person sitting behind some half-cover, a berserker enemy in his range ! Ok, i move my 6 man squad over there, but can´t reach him. He´s still around 15 tiles away. I kill the berserker, so he can´t reach him.
1st (!!!) enemy phase - 2 assault guys appear from nowhere (one from a roof) and shoot the civilian to death.
Mission failed - you couldn´t rescue the guy and therefore not proof if he was the real Mr. XYZ !

WTF ! I hadn´t a single chance to rescue him. Dead in seconds in the first round.

Wow, did anyone even tested this mission. And don´t tell me it´s RNG! It´s bad game (mission) design.

But it is RNG…

Like EVERY RNG mechanic they implemented - they forgot to add RULES to it.

I really feel that the Developer just thought to themself “Ah… RNG will do its magic… we dont need to think about it.” and simply pushed RNG into EVERYTHING… but thats not how Game Development works… and I know this and I’m not even a Developer myself. (I can program a rather basic Tamagotchi Clone in Python… thats all)…


The RNG in this mission WOULD work, if the rules excludes that enemys can kill Civ’s in their first Turn…

Yeah, you see that same issue in scavenging missions (where it’s at least less obnoxious, but still unfair) where an enemy can spawn in a position to destroy the objectives you’re trying to protect before it’s physically possible to prevent it. Seen it in a haven defense too.
Basically, the current ‘solution’ is to just re-roll the pre-mission autosave from mission start until you get a starting condition that it’s actually possible to win.

yep, a things that firax’com did well is that when you have to rescue a dude he is either ina jail cell, and safe, or with ennemy and you have to knock him down and kidnap him. In both case, that prevent him for being murdered when soldiers are too far.