Boring Missions 100%, no combat, need serious improvement (video examples)

Example 1: Anu Energy Sabotage

A two and a half minute video showing absolutely 0 conflict in this raid scenario. I’ve successfully done this every time.

Recommendation: Equip your soldiers with assault rifles.

Larger version without watermark
Edit: Video doesn’t seem to be working on this site for some reason, I’ll fix it once I figure out what’s wrong, possibly too big. You should be able to just right-click and select “View Video” if you really want to see what I mean.

Something needs to change. Posted to Canny

Side note: Rewards are actually half of what is initially offered

Example 2: Rescue Ravi Chaudri

An otherwise difficult mission made simple by merely taking a vehicle with you. Every time I’ve done this I’ve seen zero combat, though I believe it is possible depending on AI pathing and placement that you may get shot at once or twice.

Recommendation: Take only 2 soldiers for the SP gain, others will just slow you down.

Larger Version

(For the record: this mission would normally be acceptable to me if the game featured more interesting AI with pathing/patrols that you had to observe and carefully avoid… but a vehicle just speeding to the exit in 3 turns however isn’t a game, it’s an extra long loading screen with 15 clicks and a reward at the end… this is the ALLY mission for NJ which should be difficult like the others)

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