[Feedback - 1.0.54730 WSA] Please consider improving the storyline missions. [Spoilers?]

In their current state, they’re merely a unique map (same map every time) where you have to a) kill everything, and b) stand on a (or multiple) point(s)… and a makes b unessential and pointless… rendering the missions exactly the same as every other mission in the game. In short, they’re disappointing to the extreme and I’m going to make some suggestions here.

Example 1: Synedrion tree planting. Sounds like a neat idea. Did you notice you put one of the “planting” spots directly in the middle of a paved street? I wouldn’t think that’s ideal. Did someone just randomly click spots on the map and say “Yeah.” or did a computer generate them and someone forgot to check? You could’ve created an actually unique environment that was somewhat covered in alien fauna that had a few clearly obvious locations that stood out as ideal placements for growing some trees that might counteract the ecological changes. No, we just get another rustic garbage dump map where we sprinkle seeds on pavement. I understand what I’m saying is a lot of effort, but that’s what strongly gives me the impression that this game is truly unfinished and rushed out the door without its pants on.

Example 2: “We must go to Antarctica!” … now maybe the continent is always randomly generated for this mission, and my game just happened to be in Antarctica. I thought it was really cool that I had to travel across the map to a mission so far out of reach that the only way I could feasibly do it within any reasonable amount of time were to steal a zeppelin from the Anu, load up my best team and send them on an expedition while my B team holds the fort. What seemed like a week later, the fleshing blimp finally arrives on the continent of Ice. START MISSION : ENTER GENERIC JUNGLE MAP WITH STONE PILLARS SCATTERED ABOUT FOR THE 3RD TIME IN A ROW. Wow… that was incredibly disappointing and… wow that actually makes me angry. Good job. I F12 and reported that one for you. — Now imagine finally arriving on the continent and having to head into an old expedition site where unique ice-type pandorans that are unlike anything else in any other environments except the North and South poles, which don’t have to be that unique or special or varied since they’re rarely encountered. Being part of a 2-part mission with no time of recovery between missions and the 2nd part has you encountering a faction who you end up having to pay/fight/share the info or something… anything… SOMETHING more than just … kill enemies again plz

Example 3: I actually don’t remember what the mission objective even is… I just remember having to kill everything and stand on a point between two beds to retrieve some information. Between two beds. I don’t know, if we’re retrieving information from somewhere, maybe try having it located in something that might hold and preserve it? Like a computer, or a safe. Maybe I didn’t read the objective close enough and the location between two beds makes way more sense than I remember. But another suggestion would be: Not having to kill all enemies, and instead just grab and extract if you want to + adding about 3 separate points of interest, each one randomly containing the info and each one taking two turns to unlock/hack so you can’t just 1-turn end the mission. Killing all enemies is an alternative to searching for the info and extracting. Give us multiple paths to complete an objective where an ever-changing field of battle may have us changing our minds on how to continue.

Most importantly, ditch the unique map idea. It’s fine if it’s nearly the same every time, but allow for the arrangement of obstacles and buildings in different ways just like the other maps.