Alchemist mission

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First off, haven’t played in two major patches so just wanted to say that the interface, character graphics and UI is absolutely stunning-- I love it.

That said, I just did the Alchemist mission (Rescue scientist for independent faction) needs some work on the ol’ random forces and where they start out.

The main problem is the Scientist I had to rescue started out under my control, surrounded by enemy forces, all the way across the map. This was my third mission -total- with my guys, so they in no way had enough WP, special abilities nor movement to get across to him. After I moved my team, I had an instant sinking feeling when I realized I had yet to move the scientist. I ran him as far away as I could into cover, but the two Anu guardsmen shotgunned him to death in two hits.

I quit. Thought about it, reloaded, and realized the autosave saved AFTER the mission took place, so no way to try again. I quit again and came to the boards to give feedback.

Can the mutators for this mission be tweaked a little? Or perhaps have the scientist NOT start under my control so that the guards don’t immediately kill him?

There are a number of missions that you can complete using a vehicle, when you play several times you know that Alchemist or others are tricky, and you postpone those missions, for mid game when you have plenty of WP, abilities and vehicle. Because there is not countdown, Alchemist will not expire.

This is an example, how easy it is with the proper squad:

So for all rescue missions, the person you have to rescue will ALWAYS be under your control at the beginning of the mission? That’s a new one to me. Prior to that they had the rescue radius circle you had to approach to initiate the rescue.

If that’s the case, then yeah, Ok-- I see the need for vehicles and getting to that strategy.

However, If the rescuee doesn’t always start under your control, then having to guess whether or not to bring a vehicle annoys me. Because in terms of vehicle versus firepower, common sense tends to go with choosing more firepower.

Yes, it is the same for other missions, VIP is under PX control, radius circle is for haven defence or rescue soldiers missions/recover vehicles

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Good to know! Okay, thanks Etermes. I’ll acquire a vehicle for rescue missions first then.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!