Impossible missions and fumble

played the new built for a bit and a thing that really bothers me is impossible defend crate missions.

like 2 out of 4 missions ( what feels like 99% ) the crates which i am supposed to protect are at the opposite of where i am starting on the map… i even tried to just run towards the crates - which appareantly is kind of non tactical suicidal and defeats the purpose why i play the game- yet still some times even that effort is in vain because there is a bunch of aliens standing next to the crates from the beginning.

another thing which really bothers me to an extend where i think it shouldnt even be in the game is fumble. actions with a chance to fumble have never been a fun experience. in no game. ever. its like you thought about that thing you want to do and then you get error 404. it just feels like an artificial cock block.

also enemy behaviour… f.e. witht he crate protection missions. the aliens dont give a fck about staying alive. they only do it to stretch the end. sure they use cover but crates are absolute top priority. this could work if crates dont spawn in their corner of the map so they also approach the player. they dont approach the player because they know you will have to squash them to complete the mission. so in the end its that one alien sitting in a corner not doing anything up until you get close enough so it can at least hit you on its last turn. only way arround this is wasting things like grenades to force that bugger out.

like i see why it was done that way but it doesnt add challenge but nuiseance to the game imho. the last two aliens should maybe go into yolo mode and go at you with all they got or smth instead of doing the crawl into a corner thing.

i hope you will let us speed up enemy phase or do smth about the camera tracking.


Granted, those crates are their missions objective, but they definitely seem to over prioritize attacking them. While they’re focused on the crates I get easy kills. It’s unlikely they value individual lives as much as the player side, but there’s gotta be some emphasis on the bottom line, or else they’re an evolutionary dead end.


Agreed, but I do like the risk/reward calculation you now have to make: ‘I need Tech to get that thing I really want, but the Tech crate is in the far corner with a Mist Monster hanging over it. Do I overxtend myself to protect that crate, or do I play it safe and risk losing it?’

It’s a good, meaningful choice to have to make.

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It makes sense that they would attack crates when not threatened by enemies (i.e. us), but I feel that they should prioritise retaliation over continuing to attack crates as soon as we shoot at them (if not on sight). As is, they don’t even seek cover.

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yeah the retaliation could mitigate that problem. then you have a risk ( quickly opening combat ) versus sacrificing a crate or two for a better approach thus player has a choice.

  1. Far Cry 2, the last good one, had a fumble and it was fun.
  2. You are probably grenade spammer, so there you go. I never had a fumble, because I play the game the way it was supposed, not trying to cheese it. Just use class-appropriate weapons.

I don’t really understand what the crabs have against those crates anyway. I would have thought that they would simply try to kill you but it seems to be their primary goal.

With exertion, I’m able to clean a scavenging site very quickly. I usually kill lots of them on the first turn. Enough for the others to panic and not do anything on their turn.

True that the first few missions till my assaults get to level 2 or my other classes to level 4 (dual class to assault), I get to lose some crates. In the beginning of the game, I try to prioritize saving the “material” crates.

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It was Julian himself explaining that Pandoravirus is trying to cut us from resources? I suppose they just roam there freely, but when you show up on spot, they realise why are you there and they implement ‘destroy’ protocol, which may be more important and more easy strategically than killing human soldiers. :slight_smile: Thus crates have greater priority than some tasty flesh in the shell. :wink:

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It’s because they all smell of fish - Havens often use Sardines as packing material (It’s in the lore) :wink:

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I personally dont think these missions is overly hard. But then again I dont assume I should get 75-100% of the crates. But I think the AI are the same with the civilians missions, since they tend to run towards the crabs that kill them, and from you who are their to rescue them. Both missions needs to be fixed, and some times you should be needed to retreat of the map.

I think civilian mission are worse, but then again, I stopped playing original X-com recently, and civilian AI is one of the biggest reasons.


I like this behaviour. It means they are working for the greater good in a hive mind/ant colony way. Something I would expect of a virus.

Caught not reading enough

your leg is being pulled

Even as a hive mind, surely when they meet an aggressor i.e. Phoenix Point, and upon being fired upon they should then change objective and attack us.

Aren’t soldiers our most important resource, and therefore the one that the Pandoravirus should be attacking?

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in Eusocial insects like ants, (the closest we have to hive minds), when they go to war they field several types of castes including but not limited to:

Warriors to attack the enemy ants
Skirmishers to distract and delay the enemy ants so the warriors can engage and destroy them more easily
Raiders to go after the enemy ants resources and supplies

Skirmishers and Raiders tend to be made of the workers forced into battle

in relation to the PV:

Warriors are Sirens and the like
Skirmishers are fireworms and the like
Raiders are the crabmen and the like

(yes the recent Kurzgesagt video is on my mind)


On the fumbling side, you could expect that all your soldiers know how to use a handgun :wink:. The heavy could use a pistol when the enemy has low health (better than body-slaming him for 2 WP or bashing him for 2 damage to your weapon).

Overall heavy knows how to use handgun - not like in XCOM where you can’t give him this weapon. But here in case of fumble he just misplaced his fat finger and didn’t give a shot. :smiley:

On the other hand. I suppose that lack of proficiency should only increase innacuracy with “Fire” ability (also other main abilities of explosive weapons). Fumble should be used with more specialized skills like Overwatch, Deadly Duo, Rapid Clearance, Rage Burst, Return Fire, Jet Jump, Technician Heal etc.

But even with fumble abilities should probably do something. Jet Jump sending poor soldier head-first into nearest wall, Heal ripping patient’s arm off…